Canid Divine by BarLee Creations

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Here is a photographic instruction on how


I make my handmade items.


This is free for your own personal use I love sharing information but please don’t steal my photos or ideas for profit.


Fig.1  Cut the plastic canvas to the size needed.

Fig.2  Mark out the pattern with a crayon.

Fig.3  Cut the pattern out. Wipe off the crayon markings.


Fig.4  Cut out another for the opposite side of the dog. Stitch one side facing left and the other right.

Fig.5  Start with a yarn color and begin stitching. Don’t stitch the edge (that will come later).

Fig.6  Continue to add the rest of the colors.

Fig.7  One side completed. Repeat the process for the other side.

Fig.8  Both sides completed. Now they are ready to be Whip Stitched together.

Fig.9  “Pre load” the yarn beginning with the yarn at the Whip Stitch starting point. Then continue loading the rest of the colors. (If the pattern has four colors that is how many needed to be “pre loaded”.)

Fig.10  Begin Whip Stitching until you come to a color change. At that time, you will then “pre load” the color you have on your needle into the next plastic canvas stitch according to the pattern and pick up the next color.

Fig.11  Repeat this process.

Fig.12  Keep repeating the Whip Stitch process all the way to the end.

Fig.13  The first yarn to be finished (in this case the white yarn).

Fig.14  The second yarn to be finished (in this case the cafe yarn).

Fig.15  The next yarn to be finished (in this case the brown yarn).

Fig.16  Now to fasten off the last remaining yarn (in this case the warm brown yarn).

Fig.17  Have the needle comes out in between the two plastic canvases.

Fig.18  And your finished.

Fig.19  View of the finished piece from the front.