Ballyhalbert History

Bronze Age Standing Stone


Bronze Age Standing Stone with Motte in the background

Originally there were 3 Standing Stones in Ballyhalbert.  Today only the one above remains.  The Northn Ireland Environment Agency records the following on its website:-

The stone stands on sloping ground rising to a point 2.03 above the downslope side. In plan, it has 6 irregular sides measuring 1m x 0.5 x 0.8 x 0.45 x 0.4 x 0.66m. The stone appears to be sandstone & may be a Scrabo erratic.



Norman Motte


A Postcard of Ballyhalbert Motte. 

The Post mark bears the date of 11 July 1907. 

The Enivronment & Heritage Service Northern Ireland records the following information on its website:-

On the edge of a steep, high raised beach on the S of Ballyhalbert village. The plan of the motte is D-shaped with the straight side lying along the edge of the raised beach & this side rises as a continuation of the scarp of the raised beach. The summit measures 12.2m x 11.5m. A modern ditch & bank run NE-SW across the motte as described in ASCD. In the centre of the summit a pit 1m deep & 3.5m square has been recently dug. Parts of a ditch remain at NW & SE cut into the edge of the raised beach.