Auzariah MiAnjewel

I am Auzariah MiAnjewel Bash

Our Angel.Born Still 21st July 2007-Called Home to Heaven 21 July 2007
I am Auzariah MiAnjewel Bash


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I am Auzariah MiAnjewel Bashir

I am one of Gods Angels,I was born sleeping July 21 st 2007,and went to Heaven July 21 st 2007.

I had many birth defects."Turners Syndrome,which only affects females,,,Spina Bifida,,,ACC,,,Cardiac defect,,,,Trisomy 13,,,,

My tiny body was to sick to make it here on earth..So the Lord called me home,,Now I am sick no-longer and up here I run and play,,It is lways never rains,,,and I can eat any food I want...I have lots of pets,,and I talk to Jesus everyday...I ask him if my Mommy misses me and he said,,that she does..I saw her and my Grandma crying as I grew my wings on July 21st and flew away...But Jesus told me that in time their broken hearts will get better,,,I will be waiting just inside Heavens Gate,When they get to come home,,and I will take their hands and lead them inside..and we will be together once again...

Dedications in Memorial

Ronald Ray Bozarth--------------My Uncle------------Passed at 8 months----------------Spina Bifida

Deanna Yvonne ------------------My Cousin-----------Still Born--------------------------------------------

David-------------------------------My Cousin-----------Still Born----------------------------------------------

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