Autism Treatment

Autism Treatment

Slipped Disc - Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Herbal Cure

What is a SLIPPED DISC? 

Actually the term 'Slipped Disc' does really describe, it's because the disc does not only slip out of place but bulges out towards the spinal cord. Furthermore, when the advancing age and body weakness it allowing the soft part to swell. Normally, it most often affect at the lower back because the spine is a most important part to support the body. Occasionally, we can see the following such as an injury from a fall, accident, hard physical labor and advancing age.

The age between 30 and 50 normally have a slipped disc in the lower back and for the cervical vertebra around neck normally occur between the ages of 40 and 60. But sometimes, person between age 30 and 50 also suffering the cervical vertebra around neck it's depend on the work and what they are doing. Slipped disc can be a symptom free. Symptoms of nerve root pressure also disturbance of feeling in the limbs such as paralysis of single muscles, pain to the arms or legs. It different from the symptoms of pressure on the spinal cord. The symptoms of pressure on the spinal cord may affect with control of the bladder, for example the legs will cause a spasms but not in the arms when the spinal cord in the chest area under the pressure. The other symptoms also will cause of loss control of the bladder function. It is call the symptoms of pressure on the caudal vertebra. It will be disturbing of feeling in the rectum and paralysis of both legs.

Chinese Master accurate diagnosis and treats with Chinese Master's WAY OF MEDICATION for slipped disc and backache and achieves 100% recovery is possible. It includes the taking of Chinese Master's special herbs made from many kinds of precious herbs. It will eliminate the sickness from the root and therefore balancing the blood and body fluid in the vein and body. Chinese Master's WAY OF MEDICATION has 145 years of reckonings in Malaysia China Town until Promet Jalan Sultan Ismail. Acupuncture, Qi Qong and Chinese herbal medicine, Neuro acupuncture are important components of Chinese historical culture and there are parts of the discipline of Chinese Master's ancestors' up bringing. Acupuncture was known throughout the world by 1971 for its anesthesia effects, thus in 1975 the W.H.O. has accepted acupuncture as a medical science.

Off cause Chinese Master's WAY OF ACUPUNCTURE and Medication is so much different from the old way, it has improved in the recent 145 years of Chinese Master's research adds to it. Chinese Master's WAY OF MEDICATION has been proved to be effective for many kinds of diseases. The special way of preparing the herbs and research on all the different types diseases formulas has been the best way of alternative medicine in this modern world for slipped disc and backache and as well as for many kinds of unknown diseases. With the internet waves coming to assist Chinese Master, they can diagnoses and send delivers herbs right to your door steps any part of the world. All can have the change of being cured. From here they will guild you to your recovery and tell you what diet and things to be done.


Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are natural therapies many thousand of years old. Acupuncture is a complex intervention that may vary for different patients with similar chief complaints. The number and length of treatments and the specific points used may vary among individuals and during the course of treatment. It is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning. It is the insertion of very fine needles, sometimes in conjunction with electrical stimulus, at the precise acupuncture points in the body, in order to influence physiological functioning of the body. It has remarkable effective especially for many diseases that are resistant to conventional forms of therapy. Besides being minimum in bad side effects it has bonus side effect (i.e. strengthening other organs and improving Qi) , it is also safe.

Acupuncture can also used in conjunction with heat produced by burning specific herbs, this is called Moxibustion. In addition, a Non-invasive method of massage therapy, called Acupressure (is the pressing of acupoints), can also be effective. Cupping is another type or treatment. It is a method of stimulating Acupuncture points by applying suction through a glass jar, wood or metal, in which a partial vacuum has been created. This technique produces blood congestion at the site, and therefore stimulates it.

Herbal Medicine is the substantial counterpart to the energetic medicine of acupuncture.

There are five main functions of Qi and defined as:

(I) Impulsion - which is the growth and development of the body.
(II) Warming-maintaining the appropriate body heat.
(III)Defending the body against stress and pathogens.
(IV) Controlling the blood and bodily fluids within the body.
(V) Metabolizing Qi, blood and bodily fluids.

Chinese explain acupuncture as Qi(or energy traveling) through channels in the body. There are called meridians like rivers that run through the body and restrict the flow in other parts. An obstruction or blockage or deficiencies of energy (Qi), blood and moisture would lead to dysfunction and ultimately disease and death.

Qigong is a health-oriented art involving body movement, one that can help prevent and cure illness and otherwise make life more pleasant. The exercises themselves are mostly slow and gentile thus suitable for people of widely varying age and health. The old and the sick may find Qigong particular. It suitable for their needs.

You can e-mail to Chinese Master and then they can tell you what to do and what not to do, they can send you some herbal medicine to prevent and treats the complications of the heat. They can guild you through all these complications and danger. All the heat emergencies could then be avoided.

The older person and sick ounces should take more herbs to prevent the getting of heat stroke.

1. Diagnose as what problem, relating to - Slipped Disc and so on.
2. Main complain.
3. How long have you have it and where is it.
4. Any medications now or before.
5. Medical history or operations or injuries before.
6. Blood test -Scan report.
7. Hospital report.
8. Others complains

With the followings they can then guild you to Chinese Master's special herbs

1. Stroke
2. Migraine
3. Hepatitis and jaundice
4. Asthma
5. Rheumatism and High Blood Pressure
6. Gastric
7. Diabetes
8. Pregnancy Problems
9. Impotency
10. Coma Cases
11. Epilepsy
12. Autistic
13. Alzheimer's disease
14. Parkinson
15. Drops Hair and white hair
16. Eyes, Nose, Ear and Skin Problems
17. Stones
18. Hemorrhoids and Piles
19. Liver Cancer
20. Ovary Cancer
21. Womb Cancer
22. Nose Cancer
23. Lung Cancer
24. Breast Cancer. Blood Cancer and complication.
26. Kidney Complication
27. Slip Disc
28. Hyperactive
29. Conceiving Problems and etc.



People from all over the world queue to see acupuncturist Leong Hong Tole who has made a name for himself in the world of traditional complementary medicine...Read

Source: The Star Newspaper (Malaysia)



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