Autism Treatment

Autism Treatment

Acoustic Neuroma Tumor

Acoustic neuroma

The nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord, and all the connections these have with the various tissues of the body. Most nerves in the body are connected first to the spinal cord, which runs through the space within each vertebra, and then to the brain. There are 12 pairs of nerves, which arise directly from the brain and pass through openings in the skull to reach their locations. These are called the cranial nerves. The eighth cranial nerve (properly known as the 'vestibulocochlear' nerve) is the one, which serves hearing and balance. It is really in two parts: one part of the nerve is associated with transmitting sound information and the other with sending balance information to the brain from.

The term acoustic neuroma is, strictly speaking, incorrect because the tumor arises usually on the part of the eighth nerve which deals with balance rather than sound. It also is a tumor of the covering (sheath) of the nerve rather than the nerve itself. Despite these inaccuracies, the term has stuck. True acoustic neuromas occur in conjunction with a fairly rare hereditary condition called neurofibromatosis 2, in which multiple cranial nerve tumors arise.

Acoustic neuroma is diagnosed only once per year per 100,000 people so from that point of view it is uncommon. However small acoustic neuromas, not causing any symptoms, can be found in up to nearly 3 per cent of elderly people. There is no known cause for these tumors, other than the hereditary type.

Acoustic neuromas usually grow slowly over a period of years and when large may press on normal brain tissue. Larger tumors can press on another nerve in the same area (the fifth cranial nerve or 'trigeminal' nerve) which is the nerve concerned with facial sensation.


Symptoms of acoustic neuroma

Reduction in hearing in one ear, which is usually subtle and worsens slowly. Ear noise or "tinnitus" or Hearing Lost in one ear. Unsteadiness and balance problems (since the balance portion of the eighth nerve is where the tumor arises). Facial numbness and tingling may occur if the tumor is large, and so presses on the fifth cranial nerve. Headaches, clumsy gait and mental confusion may be experienced if the pressure on the brain rises.

The pattern of symptoms depends mainly on the exact place along the nerve that the tumor arises, which in turn determines which of the local structures (nerves and brain tissue) are pressed on first. As the tumors keep on growing a young person who develops acoustic neuroma will almost always eventually develop symptoms from it.


Acoustic Neuroma Tumor Treatment

Chinese Master's WAY of Acoustic neuroma tumor medication like herbal treatment and acupuncture have shown very positive result in treating these growth and will not affect the nerves it will smoothen the flow of Qi in the nerves and therefore recover the hearing lost and the balancing and others complications. 80% of the cases can get back some hearing with just once of Chinese Master's Acoustic neuroma tumor NEURO ACUPUNCTURE 90% gets a normal hearing and no more dizziness.

It may take between 2 weeks to 10 weeks depending on the individual case, when it has affected other areas and others complications it may need a bit longer time to get total recovery. Operation is NOT recommended because it is highly risky of getting facial and half body paralysis. You may have to stay in bed or at home for the rest of your life after a bad operation.






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Source: The Star Newspaper (Malaysia)



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