Atrumignem Arcis

The Keep of House Torinada

Atrumignem Arcis

The sounds of crashing waves, the tangy scent of sea salt intermingled with the pungent smell of horses as those scents drifted upon the breeze brought from the ocean. There would be a wrought iron portcullis, heavy with enchantments. It is almost always raised, the drawbridge down and beyond it a road leading down toward the out-laying buildings of the keep as it weaved its way to a cliff. The cliff overlooked the murky green-grey of the expanse of deep water. The road itself curves and disappears from view.

Looming dark and vast upon a bluff, over looking the ocean is a keep with three towers. Not stone these walls, rather constructed from the fiery energy of the Phoenix. Those who enter unwelcome do so at their own risk for the gate guards are fierce warriors. If past these great dogs the intruder gets, the Master of the manner, must they deal with Havoc. A former Chaos Rider, his name still brings fear and terror to those of his homeland. The very land itself can sense ill intent. Woe to those of dark persuasion that stay upon these grounds too long lest they perish in a blaze of fiery death.

Every stone of the Keep has been imbued with life. It is living stone that can regenerate itself. If one looks at it closely enough it appears to breathe. As alive as any animal, it can learn. Evolving each time it is attacked or 'injured', the defenses merely become stronger as time passes, and the stone 'knows' how to prevent certain attacks from effecting it. Though it does not need to feed, there have been a few times when items and people left too close to the wall for extended periods of time have disappeared.



The ancestral keep of the Almatháthi House, one of the Houses of those ancient people the Lingspelien. This keep was designed and created by 'Hero I' of the House Almatháthi. When the Orshaun, the members of the House Karaktor who had fallen into Corruption, sought to bring all the other Hounds under their dominion, Hero I and his family were forced to flee. Hero I moved the keep to its present location, and remained it. The House Almatháthi combined with the surviving members of two other Houses and renamed the Torinada House. These were the original residents of Atrumignem Arcis. However, the keep did not gain its present name until Brinorium became head of the Keep.

Over the eons, the House has stayed in Brinorium's family, but the residents have dwindled until only four were left- Brinorium, his second wife and two sons.

Life seemed good for almost a year. Brinorium found a peace he had never, in all his long years, known. However, it was not meant to last, and turned out to be the calm before a storm. In tragic occurances, three of the members were taken prematurely. Katherana disappeared, and is presumed dead. Actyon and Celarelyn were captured by the Chaos Riders. Although he knew they would be changed by their ordeal with those ancient enemies, Brinorium never gave up hope in finding his sons. His wait was broken at last by a brief note sent from Actyon and the long awaited return of Kasorenyth. Father and sons reunited, yet his fair Katherana is still missing.

Six months came and went without cause for alarm, and Havoc knows once more he will be a father. It is his choosing to give that gift. The light has come back to the House for though Kasorenyth is current in search of a name, he is not far from mind's eye now and can be called upon with mere thought.
Yet Wrecked House weep. The times of tragedy have not passed as they seemed. Through much of his own doing, Actyon was taken by the Chaos Riders again and tormented for three days before being released. During that time he divulged the whereabouts of Atrumignem Arcis. Now the hallowed ground is not safe, doubly so as they have called Havoc back to them and in a swirling vortex of crimson and black flames, he vanished. Leaving the Keep unguarded by its Lord ... but there are others who keep the borders of the land safe... only time will tell if they will be enough...


Havoc returned and with him Kathearana for t'would seem wherever he went, he found the White Rose again. So is the Mistress of the House returned and reunited with her son. Aramina struggles to seek where her place is now that Kathearan has returned. Havoc revealed that with aid he has moved the realm elsewhere, so it is again safe from detection. Actyon is not welcome the Keep save by Kathearana's bidding. Yet she would seek to create an alliance between father and son again. The Gates to the Shroud are opened, and companions of the Company seek to close them. Havoc helps in this matter for with his great telepathic abilities he can keep the mighty Tsar'Gosen at bay whilst Kathearana seeks to ease the corruption from the mind of the once-Tsar of the Sunlit Scalla. For Kathearana her part in the struggle to close the Gates is now greater for she aids the companions to keep them save from the Dark, who has for some unknown reason decided to plague them with his nightmares and woes.

Location (details)

Originally located on the Planet of Legends, now in a pocket realm of its own. Over looking the bluff of the Kerston sea, it is nestled two leagues south of the foothills of the White Mountains.

Hero I wove an enchantment around the place to prevent scrying eyes and the enemies of his family from discovering the location of the keep. At the time of the weave only the Lingspelien and dragons resided on the Planet of Legends, so it was a simple matter for him to focus it on 'all sentient creatures with malicious intent.

Atrumignem Arcis resides now in the pocket-realm that has evolved from the spell weave. Due to the nature of Lingspelien abilities, the realm has taken on a life of its own. Like many of the structures and other objects within the realm, it can think and learn. It continues to evolve, and grows stronger with each passing decade. As the original intention of the enchantment was to protect and obscure Hero's family from all, it is becoming more and more difficult for anyone to find it. Be they travelers or non-Lingspelien residents.

Description (details)

The Courtyard Not stone these walls, rather constructed from the fiery energy of the Phoenix. Etched into the walls of the courtyard, a story unfolds for all those who care to read it and who the courtyard, and the keep that surrounds it belongs to is revealed. A big courtyard lined with the living stone the rest of the castle is made from; there are three structures within in it. Two medium sized structures, their backs against the walls have small round doorways with curtains over them to prevent voyeurs and windows closer to the ground. With those low doors and windows, they appear to be houses for small people rather than anything else. The third structure is in a corner is smaller, with a single room and a sloping roof to prevent the rain from collecting on top. There are no windows, and nothing covering the door to prevent one from looking inside. An iron rung is attached to the outside, with links of chain clearly leading into the building. Next to this structure is a beautiful tree where several birds have made their nests, and their song add a note of cheer to the place.