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Tal and Welcome to the Island of Asperiche, a small Island in the Thassa.  I am Judas, Head of Council and Warrior.  In September 2004 I left My home with My slave and We traveled to an island called Asperiche. 

The island was in need of repair and although I saw a lot of work that needed to be done to rebuild, I also saw great potential. 

Work commenced and as the island prospered Free came to visit and finally put down roots, assisting with their skills, Petra My Free Companion and Thiery the Warrior also sit on the High Council of Asperiche.

 The Island is guarded by sleens on the outer wall of the City. The City itself is protected by Guards at the gates. Inside the walls You will find a Merchant's Shoppe and warehouses. There is a well stocked bakery and we have a resident Blacksmith with his own forge. Now being restored is the Distillery and tavern.

We have guest Chambers upstairs. 

The Island is covered with various vegetation...kalana trees, kanda bushes, etc. We are a completely self-sufficient Island. We have herb and vegetable gardens, livestock, etc.

We are a thriving island and have regular ships docking with imported goods from the different realms of Gor


Welcome Home

Location of Asperiche

 Location of Asperiche

Asperiche is a Free Port administered by members of the Merchant Caste. A small island situated in the Gleaming Thassa, it is flanked by the islands of Farnacium, Sulneth, Teletus, Tabor and Talbot and lies approx. half way between the Isle of Cos and Hunjer.

In the distance, the shores of the Great Northern Forest beckon with its magnificent largess


City of Asperiche

The City sits on an elevated part of the Island, close to the shore. It was once a regal looking place and is currently undergoing restoration to restore it to it's former glory. From every part of the City there are spectacular views of the Thassa sea.

The Island is guarded by sleens on the outer wall, with guards at the gates.


The City is surrounded by Gardens, full of flowers and bushes, the colors of which are breathtaking. The gardens are tended lovingly by the slaves of Asperiche to keep them a beauty to behold.

Further to the left, there are rows upon rows of kalana trees, with kanda bushes and brak brushes off to the right. There is a large vegetable and herb garden located close to the back door to the Kitchen, with fields of sa tarna grain and suls over in the distance

The City of Asperiche

Inside the Main Building

As you walk through the door into the Main Hall, you are greeted enthusiastically by both Free and slaves of Asperiche. The fire is always well lit and the tharlarion lamps blazing casting a pleasant brightness over the temwood floors. There are low tables and furs placed throughout the Main hall for your comfort.


The Kitchen is well stocked with rows upon rows of vessels and crockery as well as a vast array of cooking pots and pans. There are racks of every conceivable beverage warming by the hearth, with the scintillating aroma of the culinary delight cooking within filling the air.


The Coolery is well stocked, with racks of various wines and paga. The kegs of ale and mead sit to the forefront chilling to perfection. Botas hang from the walls, plump and chilled. Each day the slaves of Asperiche squeeze fresh juice in preparation for the needs of the Free.


The hearth is always blazing, cooking something tantalizing for the Free or for sale within the Shoppe. The smell of freshly baked goods fills the air as a continual flow of pies and breads are cooked.


Upstairs are the Free and Visiting Guest Chambers. Along each side are 10 doors, each leading to Chambers with a spectacular view of the Thassa. The Chambers are cleaned daily in preparation of any Visitor that may wish to rest awhile on the Island.

There are also the Bathing pools, where with no roof are heated by the sun, with One for Free and a smaller one for slaves. These are a popular place to rest after a days toil or travel. 

At the end of the hallway is a large room that is used as the Council of Asperiche's Meeting Room


Within The Grounds

Within the grounds of the City we have a Merchant Shoppe that  carries a vast array of goods for sale.

There are rows upon rows of culinary delights to tempt the taste buds, oils and scents to scintillate the senses, leather pouches and boots for that smart looking Free around Gor.

And for the Free Women of Gor there are bolts of fabrics just waiting to be cut and made up in robes for that special occasion or for day to day wear.

And for those quiet nights at Home with the FC we have a selection of lingerie and night robes to enhance the evening alone together.

To the rear of the City we have a Metals Forge, where brands, jewelry, tankards and many other metal wares are made for sale in the Shoppe.


Down towards the rear of the gardens we have a Distillery, where various drinks are made and stored until ready for consumption. It is here, oftentimes, you will find the FM as there is much sampling to be done *grins*


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