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Specializing in Asian & European Ratsnakes and Garters

Garter snakes

Neon Blue California Red-Sided Garter Snake (T.s.infernalis) Fabulous Cali red sides

California Red-Sided Garter Snake (T.s.infernalis) Marin Co locale, nice animals

Oregon Red-spot Garters (T.s.concinnus) Our breeders are "Knockouts !"

Eastern Blackneck Garters (T.c.ocellatus) Travis Co.Tx One of the most beautiful garter

Giant Mexican Lake Cuitzeo Garters (T.e.cuitzeoensis) 2nd largest garter known, can reach lengths over 4 1/2 '

Prices vary pending on fish or established pink feeders...

Ratsnakes  many of the following were "Elaphe" before  taxonomy changes in 2006

Black Cave Beauty Snake (Othriophis.t.ridleyi) A truly stunning adult to behold. We have 2 different lineages

Vietnam Blue Beauty Snake (Orthriophis taeniurus callicyanous) big up avg 9' as adults , our largest is 12'6"

Chinese Beauty Snakes (Orthriophis t. taeniurus) T + Albinos , Calicoes , T + Albino Calicoes and Hets

Taiwan Beauty Snake (Othriophis.t.friesi ) Columbus Zoo stock, Perfect  beginner beauty snake, great in every way

Mocquard's Beauty Snake (Orthriophis.t.mocquardi)  T- Albinos and Heterozygous available 

King / Stinking Goddess Ratsnake (E.carinata) Albinos  & Hets, large impressive ratsnakes

Red-Headed Rat Snake (Orthriophis moellendorffi ) Big, red headed ratsnake, slow to mature , worth the wait.

Rhino Ratsnake (Rhynchophis boulengeri ) We offer rodent feeders only

Red-Tailed Green Ratsnake (Gonyosome oxycephala) a mainstay in the hobby but rarely C.B

Mandarin Ratsnake (Euprepiphis mandarina) eye popping from the start, damp cool tolerate species

Vietnamese Chapa Ratsnake (Archelaphe b.chapaensis) Hope to produce these in 2016

Bamboo Ratsnake (Oreocrytophis p.coxi) wonderful small cool environment snakes 

Banded Bamboo Ratsnake (Oreocrytophis p.laticinctus) same as above

Kunisar Island Ratsnake (E.climicophora) Smaller turquoise blue and green adults, dramatic change from babies to adults

Albino Kunisar Island Ratsnake (E.climicophora) Same as above only lemon yellow and white

Trinket Ratsnake (Coelognathus helena helena) Great beginner Asian, easy breeder

Radiated Ratsnake (Coelognathus radiata) AKA Copperheaded ratsnake,T- Albinos and Hets

Green Bush Ratsnake (Rhadinophis prasina) bright green semi arboreal ratsnake 

Chinese Twin-spot Ratsnakes (Elaphe bimaculata) often referred to as a "coin snake"

Diones Rats (Elaphe diones) fantastic small ratsnake, some locales can hatch in as few as 18 days

  • Albino Bejing Diones
  • Dongbei China
  • Wladivostok Russian Reds
  • Wladivostok Super Reds


Persian Ratsnake (Zamenis persica) This line originated from Azerbaijan. Black, Reds, Pieds and Red Pieds 

Aesculapian Ratsnakes (Zamensis longissima) Rare in U.S collections

Ladder Ratsnakes (Rhinechis scalaris) France and Spain Localities

Croation Leopard Ratsnake (Zamenis situla) rare small ratsnake, small clutches, hardy babies , beautiful

Russian Ratsnake (Elaphe schrencki) Big and Robust ratsnake, dramatic color change from babies to adults

Other Projects:

Eastern Indigos (Drymarchon couperi) The holy grail of North American colubrids. USFWS Interstate Commerce Permit needed for out of state sales.

European Grass Snakes (Natrix natrix) similar to N.A gartersnakes, switch to rodents easily

Golden Bellied Snakes (Erythrolamprus p.reticulatus) formerly "liophis" realitivly rare in U.S collections

Rubber Boas (Charina bottae) California, Oregon , Washington locales avail

Black Milk Snakes (Lampropeltis t.gaigeae) super muscular , cool loving milksnakes

Glossy Snakes (Arizona elegans) under rated colubrid, great to work with

"Metallic" Bairds Ratsnake (Pantherophis bairdi) Vivid line from the far eastern part of bairds range

Austrailian Spiny-tailed Monitors (Varanus acanthurus) Great for those extra pinkies you have left over

Pancake Tortoise (Malacochersus tornieri) solid  C.B babies only offered when avail. C.B is better than W.C

Russian Tortoise (Agrionemys horsfieldii) Formerly "Testudo" super cute babies

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Shows we will be attending:

The All Cleveland Reptile Swap (Monthly)

The All Ohio Reptile Show in Columbus Ohio (Monthly)

NARBC Tinley Park, Chicago  October 10th / 11th

NARBC Arlington Texas August 29th / 30th

Some animal deliveries are possible to other area shows, please ask if a deliver is possible for you.