MMP Portrait Drawings


       Have you ever found yourself wondering what to give a loved one as a gift? Or maybe even what you should hang on a bare wall as a new decoration? Well look no further. MMP Portrait Drawings is a perfect gift idea as well as a custom drawn picture to add to your memories. Whether the subject is a child, grandchild, family, or even a pet loved by all, an artistically drawn pencil portrait is the perfect way to go.

       All you need to do, is make a small selection of photos that can easily be drawn from. While 4 photos is preferred, it is ideal to have a minimum of 3 photos as examples to obtain the best quality portrait. Photos from a digital camera are best in order to get the most detail, fortunately, we can definitely work from 35mm photos as well. And there is never a need to worry, all photos will be safely returned to the owner with delivery of completed portrait drawing.

       In order to obtain the best quality, the final portrait drawing will be mailed to you within 2-4 weeks from when we receive your photos. And of course, if you are not satisfied, there is always a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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