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Hello!! I am a 32 year old, self-taught artist. I currently stay at home with my husband of almost 10 years and our 4 children. Though it sounds like I have a pretty hectic home life, I do find time for my art at night after the family goes to bed for the night.

I have always enjoyed drawing since I was a little girl. After I graduated HS, I rarely had time for art. I have in the past year and a half rediscovered my love for it. I experiment with various mediums, but found my real interest and love is for colored pencil drawings/paintings. (Not that I actually have enough time to paint, because I do enjoy acrylics as well, but with a 2 yr. old, its hard to get it out and use it when she is right there trying to get into everything, I am sure someone can sympathize..hehehe.)

I created this website to share my progresses with others like me, or people who just want to see good artwork. Please, if you are veiwing my page, feel free to sign my guestbook, I would love to hear from you and your opinions on my site and work.  

Some of My Color Pencil Works

These are various pictures I have done . Please revisit my site often, you never know when I am going to add another picture. 

Butterfly with a dark background.

This clown fish was one of the first colored pencils pictures I drew after I started with my art again. I recently found it after I remembered that I had a black paper sketch book.

Here is a fish paper weight picture drawn from a photograpgh I did as a drawing challenge on Drawspace. It is done on canson watercolor paper and done with Derwent Watercolor Pencils. Right now the picture is dry as I liked it as is without adding water to it for a "watercolor affect". 

This picture was drawn from Diane Trierweiler's book "Painting Country Cottages and Gardens". The book normally teaches you to teach in acrylic paints but I preferred the use of my trusty watercolor pencils. Complete 3-28-07

My newest finished picture. Done in colored pencils on canson acrylic textured paper. I did this one for my Spring Fever. Completed 4-25-07.

This next picture was done and inspired out of my love for dolphins. Since I was a little girl in elementary school and saw my first dolphin poster, I have had a love for them. As I got older my desires and adoration to become an artist of some sort has grown. I did this next picture I call "A Mother's Love" from a reference photo I have of a mother and baby dolphin swimming in the ocean. It is my first attempt of drawing and painting them in colored pencil and I am quite happy with the results.

This next picture was recently completed by me in colored pencils 7-17-07. It is an Iris flower that I did on Drawspace as a Drawing Challenge but also another of my favorites. I love the beauty Irises pocess. So here is another of my beauties...

Now this next picture is one I did in soft pastel pencils. I have never before played with them or used them in anyway and used them very much like I was using one of my Prisma's. I think for it being a first attempt that the picture came out quite good, so therefore am proud of the detail I accomplished with my roses.

This is my most recent picture done in colored pencil. The original is 11 by 14 on Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper. I have to say out of all of my colored pencil drawings, this one has taken me the longest spending over 20 hours on it and well worth the time. It was completed on 7-29-07.

This is another colored pencil drawing I did that I call Romance. Completed in August 2007.

Here is another picture I did on Aug. 31st, 2007. For those that do not know this particular flower it's called a Black Calla Lily. I was fascinated with the colors and with my love for colored pencils I had to draw it.

This one finished Sept. 10th, I call "Nature's Beauty Drops". I did it using my new Derwent Coloursoft colored pencils. I have to say they are quite yummy, with their unique smoothness and rich color. I would say the total time spent on this picture was about 18 hours and worth every last one!!

Here is the newest one by me, completed 2-01-08, yes, it is the first of 2008 for me, called "Baby Wings Need A Rest". I am currently going to have a couple of slides made for this picture and I am submitting it into the "Lotus Color Pencil Exhibit" that will be showing art work from many wonderfully tallented Color Pencil artist here in Michigan during the month of April.

Here is a Victorian era teacup I found at my friends house. I just fell in love with it and the details so I snapped a pic on the digital and brought it home. After completing the humminbird picture, I started this one. I really have to say this is by far my favorite..Completed 2-10-08...I am calling it "Victoria Tea Time".


My Portrait Work...

This is my first good finished portrait of my 7 year old daughter, Tuesday. It took me a total of 3 days to complete it. Portraits are definately not in my comfort zone, but I am trying to break the barriers away and really want to succeed and accomplish them. I will have more portraits very soon as I plan to do a portrait of all of my 4 children.

Here is my second portrait of my daughter Crystal who is 9 years old. ( The current photo of the drawing is being left until I redo some of the facial features as I have noticed a few areas that need some attention. )

This is a self portrait of myself I completed last week. Not to bad but I am going to retry it in the future. I noticed that the eyes are a little to big because of the eye makeup I was wearing. Other than that I think it is a pretty good resemblence.

Here is my newest portrait of my son Christopher. Took about a day and a half to complete. Best portrait I have done as of yet in my own opinion. Finished on 3-30-07.

This is a portrait that I am truely happy with. This is my very first colored pencil portrait. It is a portrait of my grandmother who I never got a chance to meet. She passed away before my parents even got together. I do know she was a very beautiful woman.

Watercolor and Ink Paintings

This is my first attempt in a long time at doing a watercolor and ink painting together. As many have noticed I love doing my work in florals. Meaning I really love drawing flowers. I also love butterflies. This picture is a gift for a very special friend of mine who loves dragonflies, so I added a butterfly with her dragonfly to represent our friendship. The pictures approximate size is 9 by 12. I am very happy with the results.


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