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Welcome to my Other Projects Page!

I have gotten involved in a special project for work and it turned out to be very enjoyable. It's been a long time since I've done a project like this and to be used in a Children's Hospital is even better. As you can see from my About Me Page I work at Children's Hospital in Columbus Ohio as a Biomedical Engineer(technician). I was asked to take on this project which in short is called the Cow Project or for long I call it the Visual Stimulation Device. This is used in the Eye Clinic to catch the attention of small children as to make exams easier for the optometrists. The circuit works like this: There is a foot pedal on one side of the room by the exam chair that operates the controller which in turn controls 3 battery operated plush animals and l.e.d. strips . The animals in this case do not use batteries but a double post design that makes contact to power them. The controller is basically a decade counter that the foot pedal is setup to select between the 3 animals and when each is activated it also turns on the white l.e.d. strip to light up the area around the animal. The controller circuit uses a microprocessor to de-bounce the mechanical foot pedal switch contacts and act as a decade counter to cycle through the animal selection.

I want to give a Special Thanks to Gunther Daubach( from forums) for programming the SX28 processor. I am new to the processor and haven't taken much time on the programming side. I asked Gunther to help me out since I needed to get this project up and going asap and he was very gracious in taking time out of his busy schedule to help me out!


Animal Cabinet

Unfortunately at the time of taking the pictures they

hadn't replaced one of the pigs with another animal.


Controller front with power switch and integrated led

for power indicator.


Controller Back showing fuse holder, foot switch jack, reset

button, power jack and xlr connector for Breakout Box.


Controller Inside showing the Parallax SX28 Experimenter Board.


What I call the Breakout Box, this is for all connections

to be made and to have a cover over the barrier strip.


Aniamal Power and Resting Post.


Even though I call it the Cow Project I grabbed the

wrong animal for this picture but oh! well! This

shows the bottom of the animal and where the

power post gets inserted


12 Led Strip that is triggered from the animals when activated