Kevin's Projects

Jukebox, Lighting and Software Development


Newly Posted Light Grid Videos To Show Our Software And Light Grid Effects.

Coming Soon Light Grid Plans !

(Patterns with no sound)

Text Capable Patterns


Squared Pattern


Red White & Blue Pattern


Rainbow Bars Pattern also used for Sound


Color Bars Pattern


Async Triple 2 Delayed Pattern Also For Sound


Async Triple Pattern Also For Sound


Async Doulbe Delayed Pattern Also For Sound


Async Double Split Pattern Aslo For Sound(Not Shown Below)



These Videos Have Sound Control To The Grid.

Warning! keep your volume control low.

You may also have to refresh the page for the audio to play!

Spectrum X4 with AC DC - Back In Black


Shifting Plasma Beam with Nickleback - Faraway


3 Spec RGB Mix Simulates Early 70's Color Organs

with Montreaux(w-Sammy Hagar) - Rock Candy


Rainbow Bars with Sammy Hagar - Heavey Metal


Color Flame with Heaven and Hell - Black Sabath


Async Double Delayed with Foreigner - Jukebox Hero

Note: Notice how the colors expand with the music and creates layers.

As the colors expand and mix they blend colors to create new colors.


Patterns and Animations with and without sound Courtesy of Jan Vorel and Myself.