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Coming Soon Light Grid Plans !

L.E.D. Lighting Software:

This is the editor software that allows you to create the patterns for the player software. The editor lets you create patterns one frame at a time with selectable colors from the palette and using your left and right mouse buttons. There is also controls for adjusting colors out of 4,096 choices. When creating patterns on the grids you can click and drag the mouse to draw this makes it easier for creating patterns. As you create each frame you click on add frame and it saves that frame so you can create the next. The direction buttons by the add frame button and the options in that area allows you create the patterns more easily. You have options of just editing or moving patterns around on the selected grid as well as linking, mirroring and flipping. You also have the option to watch your creation on the other set of grids either by stepping through or running the creation and adjusting the frames per second on the speed control. The load button allows you to load patterns and append to that file for creating longer clips.

Player Screen

Now Includes Sound Control !

Powered by Fmod and Linespec

In my process of investigating different possibilities in hardware and software for controlling l.e.d. lighting to add to my jukebox project i started to make some modules and learning some VB6 programming. When i came across the MIT Students website it gave me a quicker option for accomplishing what i wanted to. Though I wanted software that i could make my own patterns with and work with a programming language I knew I was aware that this was going to be a major undertaking. The forum that I would hang out on once in a while had some people that understood what i wanted to do. The gentlemen you see listed below made my concept a reality and did such a excellent job writing the code and making this software exactly what I wanted and I am very gratefull to work with them. I also feel a friendship with these guys for being so gracious for making this work and taking time out of their days for me. THANKS!


Kevin(myself) - Concept, Functionality and Early Editor Programming.

Visual Basic 6 Programmers:

Daniel Mathias(Logophobic, Codeguru Forum - - Editor and Beginning Player Programming.

Wolfgang Freitag( and Wof, Codeguru Forum - - Editor Additions, Player Programming, Serial Communications Programming to the DDF Boards, Play list Function and Scripting.

Jan Vorel( and F mod - - Sound Control, Play list Programming, Scripting, Visual Appearance, Math Updates for Overall Performance Etc.


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