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Jukebox Extras

I have dedicated this page to a little bit of everything, kinda like that drawer that has had everything stuffed in it as kinda of catch all. This will also be the place to find items and project enhancements for your jukebox projects.

Jukebox Screen Saver

I have wanted for a couple of years to find a graghics artist that could draw the insides of a juke and animate it into a screensaver. Well I finally found Steve Paradis on The Future Pinball Forum and asked him if he would be interested in doing this project for me. Steve really took this project and made it reality. I want to share it with the jukebox community and give Special Thanks to Steve!




Here is a free download: JukeBoxSaver.scr ENJOY!

See Steve Paradis for your graghics needs! Click Here: Steve's Email

70's Style Colour Organ

One of the additions you can make to your jukebox project could be the CanaKit Colour Organ. This is the new style of that 70's light show that has the lights flashing with the music. This comes as a kit or prebuilt and operates 120volt incandescent light. if you don't want to build an elaborate lighting system and want something reasonable then this is the way to go. I have instructions on how to take this board and convert it to L.e.d. Lighting. Click Here for CanaKits Website and contact me on my forum for the instructions.



L.e.d. Series and Parallel Calculator Page

L.e.d. Series and Parallel Array Design Wizard

L.e.d. Series and Parallel Design Page