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Concept Intro

Welcome to the Art Deco Jukebox Concept And Build Explanation.

I have spent the last 3 years working on my Jukebox project and deciding on how i wanted to light it up. I started with a lot of ideas and changed my mind along the way on the whole aspect of the build. What i wanted was not what i was seeing on the web in the jukebox forums etc. There was a couple of great projects but not what i wanted. Since i had experience in most of the build aspect, sound from being a disc jockey for 25 years and dealing with sound issues for a lot of different venues and public address setups I had the sound covered. One of my other hobbies was computers so I had some experience in that area. Next was a hobby in wood working and remote control model boat building throughout the years, now i had the cabinet covered . I decided i wanted something that was going to be different than anything i had ever seen and this would include some ideas from an old hobby I had of collecting vintage radios also my interest for the decades of the 20's, 30's, 40's and to include the Art Deco period. I also had a love of lighting ever since I was a kid and bought one of my first kits, it was a color organ in the 70's that would control incandescent lights to flash with music. I didn't want anything that looked like a game machine or had computer speakers, i wanted it to have a full sound system and would Rock!

So My Journey Began!

Concept Drawings

 The first drawing that i did somewhat represents what i was wanting. Of coarse scratch the sub idea(don't need it). Subs are ok if your going to watch a movie, but come on it's a jukebox besides subs in audio are only good for rap crap. I planned on both bass speakers being side by side to try and keep some stereo separation of coarse this changed later on as I added 2 15" bass speakers, now who needs subs! The 15" give some good natural kick butt bass. You can also see I wanted the mid-range and tweeters up at head level. This in my opinion gives better sound quality and is not absorbed into the rooms furniture etc. You can also see where I had planned on using some commercial lighting, scratched that idea because it was too expensive and besides I wanted to build my own.




The second Drawing was a little better since it showed a more 3 dimensional look. As you can see the concept was there. Now I was shooting for that Art Deco look with the columns and the idea of adding some blue lights. I had no idea when I did the drawing this up how much work is was going to be to actually cut all of this out. I was in for a surprise because now I have to make patterns, a special jig and a large sanding table to get everything sanded really nice. So not only am I building a jukebox but I have to make some of the tools to make it.





 The third drawing was with colored pencils to get a better idea of the look a was going for. Though I am showing the wood to be natural I later was going to do black lacquer but my brother talked me out of  it and we decided natural wood would look better. I did go one step further by adding blue cobalt acrylic mirror to definitely give it that deco look for sure. A lot of my inspiration came from early Spartan Radios. 





Build Intro

Under Construction !

I will attempt to explain what I have done along the way on my build to the best of my memory. If there is anything that I don't explain very well or you have questions about please ask in the forum.