Kevin's Projects

Jukebox, Lighting and Software Development

Various projects I am working on:

This is a list of some projects that I am currently working on. As you can see I always having something going on and it takes me sometimes a while to get my projects done, but I love what I do and I like to help people when I can!

One of my projects is a

1962 Wurlitzer Model# 2610 Jukebox, Plays 33 & 45 rpm records

What it should look like restored!







1973 Williams Gulf Stream that is in pretty good shape. I am not going to restore this right away. It just needs some parts and one wiring problem. 



More Lighting for the Art Deco Jukebox:









 Here I am making the l.e.d. strips for the top, bottom and keyboard/button panel sections in the middle of the juke


Parallax Robo Olympics Badge


I just ordered one of these Badges from Parallax (one of my favorite companies) to play with. I am wanting to learn more programming on the SX Series of Microprocessor they have for some projects that I want to do. This little Badge is so cool to play with, you can put text in the code that you want displayed and it will scroll it for you. One thing I think would be cool is to use it at work to let people know the mood i'm in. But to do that I need to make some modifications sometime or build a new one with dip switches so I can select the mood that I want to show. For now the badge only scrolls left and with some reprogramming I hope to get it to do some other directional scrolls etc.


L.e.d. Table By Marcos Kohler

Marcos had contacted me through my site and wanted help on his project of building a l.e.d. table. The original circuit which uses a Pic Micro controller and associated circuitry was not capable of running multiple l.e.d.'s in a series parallel configuration to be able to light up the table. This is where I came in on the project and was able to design a output circuit to drive the multiple l.e.d.'s in each square. Marcos did a really great job on the project and the patterns are pretty cool!