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Helpful Tips for Bunny Lovers...                               

Rabbits are fascinating and emotional creatures. Here at the ARPRN, we promote the well-being of bunnies in several ways: encouraging spay/neuter, instructing on proper diet and housing, and educating owners on the importance of bunny socialization.

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Bunny Basics                                       

Basic Needs of Rabbits

Already have a rabbit, or thinking of getting one? Here’s what you’ll need to keep your bunny happy and healthy:


(First of all, please remember that rabbits can live anywhere from 10-15 years. The oldest living pet rabbit was 18, so if you're not ready for a lifetime commitment, please don't get a rabbit - they become incredibly attached to their people and can get very depressed if they are separated from them.)


·        A good vet to spay and neuter them! The lifespan of a fixed rabbit will increase by more than 10 years if they are sterilized.

·        A nice, big cage, but prefer a big exercise pen. Carpet for their sensitive feet.

·        A soft, cozy cat bed.

·        Lots and lots of toys! They love plastic baby toys and anything that makes noise. They also love to chew on papers, paper towel or toilet paper tubes, and cardboard boxes.

·        One extra-big cardboard box with a door, so they can hide when they are scared.

·        High-quality, timothy-based pellets. At least 20% fiber, please.

·        Litter pans and pine or newspaper litter.

·        Plenty of timothy, bermuda, or other grass hay. Alfalfa hay for babies only!

·        Fresh veggies every day! They love a variety of tasty greens and herbs, including romaine lettuce, green or red leaf lettuce, kale, spinach, parsley, cilantro, cabbage, and lots of other veggies. Never give a rabbit iceberg lettuce – it can be toxic.

·        Lots and lots of room to run and play! Rabbits should have plenty of room to get a really good run up to speed. They love to dance and do silly jumps when they are happy.

·        Most importantly, rabbits need a constant companion. Either a person, another rabbit or animal, or a stuffed animal. Most of all, bunnies LOVE other bunnies, so if you already have one, think about getting another one!




Awesome Cages!

You can built a butt-kicking rabbit condo with just some simple wire shelving units. It's cheap, easy, and fun! Here are some cool examples:

For directions and more ideas, check out

Vets who know rabbits!                                     

Check out this document, a list of vets who have been used and approved by ARPRN members.

some helpful guides to living with bunnies!                     

Hey, why not adopt two? Good things about having a pair....      


  • Two bunnies will have the company of each other throughout the day while you are at work, even if all they do is sleep.
  • You get the pleasure of watching them play & sleep together
  • Bunnies are very emotional and loving with each other - when two bunnies are split up, they can suffer greatly from depression.
  • You'll be fascinated at the way they communicate with each other. We all know they are talking to each other, we just can't work out how they do it so quietly! If you don't believe me, try giving one a treat when the other isn't looking!
  • Rabbits that are sometimes very shy really come out of their shells when they get around bunny buddies.
  • A pair of bunnies is easier to manage if you are busy and sometimes don't have time to give them attention. They'll appreciate you even more when you do have time to spend with them.

Want more info?                                       

The National House Rabbit Society can answer many common questions about rabbit care.