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"Love for Kenya"

A Big Girl's Fashion Affair 

Kenya Marcus owns the best retailer of plus-size clothing in Hilltop, Mississippi, and its surrounding counties. She has a wonderful staff and a great apartment. The one thing that she does not have is love. She has spent her entire life believing that she was not worthy to be loved until her grandmother’s dying gift gave her the chance for a new start.

Daniel Robinson left Hilltop right after high school. He has been gone for twenty years, but now he’s back. He has returned to be closer to his mother, but when he gets there he finds more than he bargained for. He and Kenya form a friendship that turns out to be something wonderful and special. His heart opens to her sweet nature, and he find himself wanting more.

Will Daniel be able to put her insecurities to rest and face a few fears of his own to express His

 Love for Kenya?






"Soothing Raiyne"




 When Raiyne Brown discovers that the soon-to-be father of her her unborn child has deceived her, she runs away to find refuge with her sister in Mississippi.  There she finds more than she bargained for when a familiar looking stranger ends up on their doorstep with unclear intentions.

Brew Harris never thought that he would ever see or hear from his brother, Michael again, but when Michael asks Drew for a very unconventional favor, Drew's life take a sharp turn in a whole new direction.





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