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Not only am I a writer but I am also a reader.  Books are my passion.
On this page, you will find a list of books that I have reviewed.  If you don't recognize any of these authors, don't worry.  You will.  They are all new authors making a name for themselves in the literary world.

Blazing Embers

 WRITTEN BY: Gladys Hobson

"Blazing Embers" breathes new life into a not commonly tapped generation of romantic heroes and heroines.  The emotions that Alice go through and the reactions from her husban are a true statement of life could be like for those left in the dark when it comes to sexual knowledge. Tempting situations find Alice thrown into a world of sexual openness that she never knew exited among her peers.  Flashbacks are spread tastefully throughout the book in all the right places bringing a more in-depth perspective to Alice's life and her newfound desires.

Amie and the Purple Butterfly

WRITTEN BY:  Cheryl T. Pillsbury

ILLUSTRATED BY: Bonnie Beckerman

Amie and the Purple Butterfly" is a cute story of love and friendship.  The book is full of colorful pictures that are bothe eye-catching and imaginative.  With that said, I must confess that this reader found the book to be lacking in something.  When I read the first page and flipped to the next, I had to go back and check to see if a page was missing.  The story did not flow smoothly from one section of passage to the next.

My opinion...  Although not exactly perfectly written "Aime and the Purple Butterfly" is a cute story of love and friendship filled with colorful artwork and a few vibrantly desriptive passages.

Isla's Redemption

WRITTEN BY: Terra Ann Pitre 

"Isla's Redemption" follows  young woman through different worlds on a quest to find her parents.  It is a magical journey filled with love, romance, and a little humor.  There is not a lot I can say about this book without giving away some of the secrets inside, but in my opinion, this is book worth reading.  It has everything- adventure, romance, conflict, humor, and maybe even a happy endng or two.

Waves of Desire

WRITTEN BY: Richard A. Blanchard

Vampires, action, romance, mystery... those are just a few words that describe this book.  Join Jessica as she finds that sometimes dreams are more than just dreams.  Stranded on a seemingly deserted island, Jessica meets a dark, hansome stranger with a secret that could chnage her life forever.

Until I Met You

WRITTEN BY: Annette Evans

Kelly and Nick find that love can endure when it is real in this wonderfully romantic story.  There is roamnce, deception and so much more in this charming tale of love that stands the test of time.  Don't  miss out on this truly endearing tale as lies and misunderstandings give way to love and joy.  If I say asny more I'll give away the story, but I will say tht "Until I Met You" is beatuifully written and well worth the read.

Force Recon: Eagle

WRITTEN BY: Glenda Lee Davis

Glenda Davis's Force Recon: Eagle is a warmly touching love story loaded with action.  The story is a wonderfully constructed vision of what it is like to love a soldier.  The characters, Eagle and Kris, are both lovable and believable. Other characters, such as Bull and Scout, only add to the excitement described in the pages of this memorable book.  This is a great read.  It has all the elements that make a story worth reading again and again.  I give this book four stars. 

The Rogue Bear and Other Short Stories

WRITTEN BY: Anastasia Cassella-Young

I found myself reading this and thinking seriously over some profound issues that I see plaguing the world. Although each story carried its own message, they all had one thing in common.  None of them made me feel like I was reading a book.  It was more like reading long letters from a far away friend telling about some seriously disturbing events that she had witnessed in her life.

    The first story, "the Rogue Bear" is really the only one in the group of stories that seemed to be just for entertainment.  The rest were stories with morals and values to consider.  "A Small Blurb" hints at the insignificance of our lives.  "Just like Grandma" tells of the devastating events of unreported abuse.  ""The Writer" was a little confusing to me.  I could not tell if it was a retelling of events that the main character experienced or the ramblings of a writer with a very active imagination, and "You're Supposed to Be Scared" is a gruesome take that makes you remember that there is really no such thing as a "free gift".
    I hope I didn't give away too much.
    Each story had its own personality.  That is the one thing that I liked about the book.  I cannot say that this book would have been my selected choice of reading, but I would not discourage anyone from reading it.  There is a lot to be said for a book that makes you think.


A White Feather

WRITTEN BY: Ian Baines


If I had to sum this book up in one word, that would be the word. The poetry is beautiful and has such a profound spiritual feel that makes it easy to become drawn in by it.

Whether you are searching for a deeper spiritual connection, looking for enlightenment, going through changes in life, or just looking for something uplifting to read; A White Feather is the right choice.

One of my favorite works in the book begins...

I am but a garden rose,
In the garden of light.
I have yet to blossom,
Though try as I might

(You'll have to read the book to find out the rest.)

On a five star rating system, I would have to give this well-written book of spiritual beauty a solid five.

BFA: Boy from Amboy

WRITTEN BY: Albe Pentwhistle
Albe Pentwhistle's tale of a young boy from Amboy, IL is a heart-touching story.  Twelve year old Albe goes through fun times and hardships that makes the reader laugh and cry.  
From the FORWARD to the end, this book draws the reader in.  It goes flows fluidly from one chapter to the next giving detailed accounts of situations that hold its audience captive. 
The book has a great deal of grammatical errors, but instead of that taking from the book, I found that it added personality to the story.  Normally, I am all for following the rules of grammar as much as creatively possible, but this story broke all the rules, and I loved it.  Throughout the entire book, I felt as though I was sitting through a relative's account of living through the 1950's/1960's with his friends and neighbors.
The characters were believable and memorable.  Among there were Ruth, Frankie, Stphen, Dave, and Albie, himself.  All of whom brought something new and interesting to Albe's story.

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