Archery Girl

I'm not your average woman.

Model Stitching

Cross stitch is one of my favorite hobbies.  I find it relaxing to work with needle and thread while I have a movie playing or the radio on.  (Rarely do I watch tv anymore.)

I became a model stitcher in 2001.  Marcia Manning of Cross Stitch Wonders took a chance on a "newbie".  I have been model stitching ever since. 

Some information on the work I've done...

Specialty Stitches: (* indicates stitches used on models)
scotch, partial scotch, diamond eyelet, algerian eye*,
couching*, nun's, rice, queen, turkey*, twisted thread*,
ray, four-sided, lazy-daisy*, french knot, rhodes-heart*,
square*/butterfly, satin*, sawtooth satin, over one*,
beading*, fractionals, smyrna*, maltese cross interlacing*,
blanket*, detached blanket*, leaf*

Threads: (*indicated threads used on models)
cotton*, silk*, #12 perle-silk*, #8 perle-silk, wool, hand-dyed*,
over-dyed, blending filament*, metallics*

Fabric: aida, evenweave, linen (have used all for models) I prefer to stitch on nothing smaller than 36 count fabric.

Amount of time stitching per day: 2-4 hrs

Pets? 2 cats  Smoking? No

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See the photo gallery page for examples of the models that I've stitched.