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April 2013

At the Clan Meeting this year we needed to make a new pavillion.  We worked on it both Saturday and Sunday and got a good portion of it made.  The remainder was sewing the ties onto the walls and roof, making more ties because we ran out, hemming the front door and putting grommets in it.  (And then spraying it with fire retardant.)  I took my time getting everything sewn on and my husband did the grommets and spraying.  Everything was done the weekend before the first faire of the season!


Tulare County Renaissance Faire
We had beautiful/warm weather with a slight breeze most of the time.  We had a small crew but everyone seemed to have a good time.  Unfortunately for the organizers the amount of people through the gate was low even with all the advertising and 3 radio station broadcasts through the weekend.  Next year will be interesting as it will be the 25th Anniversary of the faire.

October 2012

Grass Valley Celtic Music Festival
This was our last event of the season.  As always we had wonderful weather and a great time.  This is an event where we get to shoot.  We have a nice, safe area that we can set up a target.  It's also nice having friends!  I have a friend who set us up with a man that he had worked with to provide us with instruments that no longer work - that we can shoot at.  He brought us a cello and several violins.  We destroyed around 4-6 violins and the cello looked like a porcupine - it was great!

Looking forward to next season!

September 2012

The Pleasanton Games are always held on Labor Day weekend.  This is an event where we get to shoot.  (This is also the place where Pixar came to interview us as background for their movie Brave.)  We usually try to bring several targets or even things to shoot at to make things interesting.  I taught a couple of bow string making classes at this one.  It can be a bit warm here so it's nice to find a spot under a shady tree to sit and do something for about an hour.  There's always the Squishies to look forward to along with all the shopping! 

July 2012

Martinez 4th of July Parade
The parade was a hit again this year and we stayed around a little afterward to hand out flyers to advertise for the Pleasanton Games.  We went to a member's house nearby to have a bbq lunch, then off to Briones Park for some shooting.  We headed back for dinner (let's just say it's all Randy's fault!) and then to the waterfront for fireworks.

Monterey Scottish Games
This year they had moved their date back up to July again and they moved venues as well.  We were no longer at the park where we were for the last several years but now that the County Fairgrounds.  In my opinion, a lot less space for both the event and our camping.  We got a bonus of showers at this venue, however, by the time it came to shower it was too cold (much closer to the ocean) and I decided not to.

Central Coast Renaissance Faire (aka SLO)
At this event we run an ale stand.  This year I got a call that they wanted us to run two!  We managed to do so with a bit of help.  It was a busy, busy weekend!

March 2012


We managed to get through Saturday well enough even though it was pretty chilly overnight.  However, Sunday by 2pm it started raining.  Thankfully it didn't rain too hard and it alternated light/heavier in about 20 minute increments, but it didn't let up.  We were told to pack up a little early and head out.  Luckily it had let up enough when it was time to pack up our personals so blankets and pillows and things didn't get too wet.  A few of us met up for dinner before heading back home.

February 2012

We had our annual meeting to decide which events we'll participate in.  It's going to be an interesting season.

October 2011

I finished the felting in September and gifted the basket that I made.  It was great to get it done.  And like I said, I started on another.  I obtained more yarn so I can work on it during faire.  I worked on it a little at Pleasanton.  But with all the time for shooting I didn't pick it up much.  Also at Pleasanton, we were visited by some people from Pixar!  They wanted to film us shooting and talking about archery because next year's summer release is called Brave, a story about a red-headed, blue-eyed female archer!  (We have two of us that fit that description in our group.)  That was kind of nerve wracking but lots of fun.  We gave them our email and received a message that they were going through their footage and would let us know what (if anything) they use.  Very cool!

Also, I was asked by a dear friend to make some arrows that he could sell in his booth at faire.  I have not heard if they sold yet, but I got them finished in record time and was fairly pleased with how they turned out.

We had a great time at Grass Valley.  The weather was beautiful!  As was the venue.  We got to introduce a few more people to this event and they might make it an annual thing.  My fiance and I were handfasted on Saturday.  Some call it a wedding, some believe it to be a betrothal.  What it is, is a committment ceremony for the couple and a "trial" period of a year and a day.  If during this time the couple wants to stay together (and in some cases produce an heir) then they are considered married when the year and a day are up.  If they cannot stand each other they can part ways with a "no harm/no foul" attitude.  This event is the closest one to the year and a day away from our actual wedding which is why we picked it to have our ceremony.  Also, we did this for all of our faire friends as we can't afford to invite everyone to our actual wedding.  Our cost will be under $10,000 which is why we're keeping it small and for select people.  Anyway, it was a good end to our 2011 faire season.  Now we can rest for a couple of months before gearing up for the next season.

August 2011

Well, I forgot my bowstave for the Monterey Games.  However, I had lots of time so I worked on a project (in crochet) that I have been carrying around for several faire seasons.  It's another basket that I want to felt.  The crochet part is done, now I just need to get to the felting part.  I hope to get that done this weekend.  I also had a supply of wool for another felting project.  This time a bag for me.  (To carry more yarn in?)  Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but it's fun designing it myself.  I started with one pattern and didn't like it so tore it out and started another.  It's a piece from here and another from there and more that's just springing out of my head.  I'm having fun with it (though I need more yarn) and that's what matters to me.

I didn't do any shooting even though we had a target available.  I'm saving up for Pleasanton and Grass Valley. More updates on those later!

July 2011

Another faire season is well on it's way.  We were just in San Luis Obispo for the Central Coast Renaissance Faire/Festival.  This is not an event where we can do any shooting.  I actually left all my archery gear behind.  Our next event - Monterey County Scottish Games - is one where I have a lot of time to get things done.  I will bring my bow stave to see if I can get some more work done.

August (2009)

In April I was at a Renaissance Faire checking out all the vendors, aka shopping.  I met a man who made bows.  I talked to him for a while and asked him over to our guildyard to talk to some other people interested in bows.  It was quite the contact and I got information and talked about him possibly coming to play with us at another event.  He showed up to Queen Bess with his family.  He gave us a very nice first lesson on wood and what to look for when you're first starting to cut the wood to make bows.  I obtained a stave from him so I could start making my own!

Unfortunately for me, there's been so much going on that I haven't had a chance to work on my bow stave.  I've either forgotten to bring it with me or the tools were missing.  I need to see about getting my own draw knives rather than borrow other's.  I need to start frequenting yard sales again.

Also, there's been no time to work on more arrows.  I will have to make sure to bring my supplies to the Pleasanton Highland Games (coming up on Labor Day weekend) so I can do a little on both.

Labor Day Weekend

We were at the Pleasanton Highland Games over Labor Day Weekend.  I was really good and did some work on my arrows.  I had a few where the fletching wraps had come loose.  I re-wrapped those and added a dab of glue for good measure.  (You can see the string through the feathers in the Memorial Day pictures.  It just helps the feathers stay on the shaft better.)  Of course, it won't make them last forever, but maybe they'll last through next faire season.  I not only did my own but I managed to do a few for my daughter as well.  We have one more event for the season and I'll do my best to work on a few more for each of us.  Of course, there are others that need to be fixed too.  Fletchings (feathers) that need to be glued back on as well as the tips.  (Need special glue for the tips, but I need to buy that again.)  My goal is to have them all fixed by next faire season.  If I can manage it I will make some new ones to fill up the quivers!

Memorial Day weekend 2008

I brought bow and arrow to our Clan get together and got in a little shooting on Sunday.  The very first
shot was the top one in the can.  A little further into the flight was the second one. 
(My arrows are the tan/black plain ones.  Two people were shooting at the same time.)

A great shot of me nailing the target!  (I just love my Canon digital camera!)  Again there were two people
shooting at the same time.  
This was the second round.

This was also the first time shooting for the year.

March 10, 2008

I really need to make some more arrows.  I think I broke at least one the last time I shot and I don't know off-hand how many I have left for shooting.  I like to make them on weekends because they are quite time consuming.  But I've had some busy weekends lately so it hasn't happened.  Maybe sometime before our faire season starts.

August 11, 2007

Today I received my order in the mail.  I ordered fletching glue to adhere the tips (or points) to the shafts.  I have been making arrows for my daughter and now I can complete them before the next time she shoots.  (Pleasanton Highland Games, September 1.)  I can also finish the new ones made for me to replace the ones that have been broken and the ones that have lost tips.  I will add pics to this page when I get them finished.