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Hello welcome to Anna-nomalies, My name is Anna, i am 18 years old. We have hundereds of EVPS, I am currently editing the evps to put them up. If you have any stories, pictures, EVPs please feel free to share them and we will put them up if you would like. We are putting together a steady group an a stronger group. Founders are: Me(Anna)I am a paranormal investigator/sensitive/psychic and i can disern evps, , and Josh is a paranormal investigator/sensitive/The evp narrartor. My mother Maria is our case manager/empath psychic/precognitive. We are going to be traveling within the next couple of years to a few known haunted places such as, Waverly hills sanitarum, Eastern state penitentry, the Mertyles, and we will be caveing in new york. We are located Near Madison WI in a small town. We have been on over 50 investigatioms around madison, we have gone to weary rd, Sanitarium Hill in Madison, Paradise rd, and to a few cemetarys.  If u have any questions at all feel free to email me at We also do private readings,tarot,palmistry,healing and we provide spiritual counseling,we are in the Madison,WI area, Also Reiki certified (accupressure) natural healing techniques.Taught By Maria Via Psychic Solutions, will come to the homebound if its within 50 miles of Madison WI.

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Paranormal Terms

 Vortex- is a portal to the other side/usualy found in haunted houses

Orb-is a ball of energy that emits its own light/its like a finger print/the darker the orb the more energy of the spirit.

Kundilini Energy- psychic energy/ happy spirits/Worm lights

EMF- Electrical  Magnetic Field-A device that catches spiritual energy 

EVP'S-Electronic voice phenomanon - Voices of disembodied spirits recorded on a audio recorder! See ours at the top of page click on EVP'S!

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Please respond to S.A.V.E with Questions/Comments or if you need a speaker at your school/we have a grisly but gripping message in our presentation/it will definately bring you to tears .



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