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VEGAN Palm Oil Free Products

100% of the profits generated by these product sales go directly back into helping Animals Globally. 

We wanted to create some alternate products which were palm oil free to prove it was not difficult and to offer some alternatives for people wanting to buy palm oil free products.       We have also made them Vegan as why should we only care about orangutans and rainforest animals suffering and dying when millions of food animals, lab animals and cosmetic animals suffer & die each year. We love ALL animals so we decided to make our products 100% cruelty free. In 2012 our products were Choose Cruelty Free Accredited which means that they have not been tested on animals and that none of the ingredients we use have been tested on animals either. Our products do not contain any nasty chemicals, colourings, preservatives or additives.  To purchase our products please click here and you will be taken to the webstore VEGAN Palm Oil Free Products 

2 different moisturisers - light & medium

                      a slave for deep tissue damage        a body butter/rich moisturiser


                                     eye make up remover            healing skin oil

glitter gel                                       hair wax

                                   insect repellent                                   lip balm

nag champa perfume balm      compassion perfume balm

tooth powder                             never ending vanilla extract

vanilla extract                                       vanilla pods

Intense Hair Conditioning Kit