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Understanding Green Palm and what it actually means

the name GreenPalm is a little misleading to the consumer. It is giving the indication to the consumer that the Palm Oil is green as in 100% environmentally friendly, not harming habitat, not causing deforestation and not contributing to greenhouse gases. This is not the case. GreenPalm is a system that has been put in place to assist growers to move towards 100% traceable certified oil. GreenPalm is meant to be used as a temporary transition only. However it is being abused by large manufacturers as it is the cheaper option for purchase of Palm Oil and whilst they are feeding the demand for greenpalm it is encouraging the growers to not move towards traceable cspo. So please don't let the name make you think that the oil is environmentally friendly and green, it is not.

However, whilst large companies are purchasing mass amounts of GreenPalm and the growers are making money without RSPO certification then it is not encouraging these growers to certify their oil. GreenPalm is also a mix, it's thrown in with the uncertified at the plant, it is not guaranteed sustainable oil and is difficult to track. Purchasers of this oil also cannot track where this oil has originated from.