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say no to palm oil

Orangutan Friendly Sticker or Website Image

More people are becoming aware of the palm oil issue everyday and to this end they are wanting to find ORANGUTAN FRIENDLY/PALM OIL FREE products to replace the products they are currently using. This can be a arduous task as most products are not labeled clearly and palm oil is disguised in the ingredient list under a variety of other names - see Palm Oil in Disguise Page

SO ....we have made it easy for the retailer who sells products which contain no palm oil. We have designed an image which can be produced as a sticker to put on shop shelves or can be put on websites alongside the products that are ORANGUTAN FRIENDLY/PALM OIL FREE. This simplifies the task for the customer of reading all the ingredients and needing a science degree to know which are palm oil and which are not!

If you would like to use this image two things are required.

1) for you to sign a small form which says that you have researched your products and found no palm oil or it's derivatives in the products and

2) to pay a one off donation of $100 to With Compassion & Soul Inc. which goes directly to Centre of Orangutan Protection (COP) and The Orangutan Land Trust (OLT)

 here is the image which goes on the shelf or site

 Please email us at if you wish to have a chat about this.