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How You Can Help

1) MAKE  DONATION - Click here to make a donation

2) VISIT THE WEBSTORE - Purchase a compassionate product from our webstore - Click here to shop  

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3) TELL YOUR FRIENDS - Email our website address  to all your compassionate friends and ask them to pass it on to their friends and so on - help spread the word. Ask them to think about visiting our webstore if they need a gift for a birthday, christmas, anniversary etc . This is the second biggest way you can help us as by having people look at our webstore and purchasing some compassionate products we can raise more funds to support those we do. So start spreading the word.

4) STALL VOLUNTEERS - Volunteer to operate a stall for us at an animal friendly event - email us if you are available to do this


5) DONATION BOXES - If you own or work in a shop or business ask us for one of out donation boxes see for the business's already supporting us by doing this. Our aim is to have 100 donation boxes out and a round town. Help us to make this possible.


6) Donate directly to one of the fabulous organisations trying to help save orangutans and the rainforest like COP (Centre for Orangutan Protection), OLT (Orangutan Land Trust) or BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival).

7) Hold a small fundraiser or raffle yourself and donate the proceeds to us here at  'Animal' for us to pass onto thye organisations we support.

8) Purchase only 100% recycled paper products, purchase only products which contain no palm oil aor it's derivatives and only buy timber products which have come from sustainable sources.

9) Like and share our facebook page see button at top of page