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Jacky's Enrichment Installation Proposal

on 15th Sept, a team of us including The Centre of Orangutan Protection embarked on the  following enrichment.

BRIEF and OVERVIEW for Jacky’s Enclosure Enrichment Installation

DATE – Sun 16th Sept to Fri 21st Sep, 2012     see Appendix A ‘Schedule’ - attached



Director Hardi Baktiantoro & 6 of the Centre of Orangutan Protection team will come down from Jakarta to Bali. We will also be employing 8 locals to help for 5 days (mon 17/9 to fri 21/9 see schedule), so far there are 11 Australians, & 1 American assisting as well, so total of 28 people


THE COEA's have raised money in May, June, July & Aug and we will pay for all of the enrichment project costs & labour.

Everything in this Proposal has taken into consideration ;

  • that Jacky throws things
  • Jacky’s strength
  • Jacky’s safety & security
  • Jacky’s daily enrichment


The following are the changes we will make within the enclosure to make daily life for Jacky a little more stimulating and to help the visitors to the zoo have greater respect for Jacky in his home and at the same time learn something about this intelligent animal and Indonesia’s beautiful Orangutans

  • Removing all the existing wooden structures in the enclosure (use some of the wood for the cave platform)
  • Build a 5m high tall 6 wooden pole structure. Poles 1 to 4 will have a fire hose hammock and fire hoses between the poles for him to sit in and nest build or hang off. He will love this and spend much time in it and will take his nesting materials up there with him. Poles 4 to 6 will have a shade sail connected to it so he has outdoor shade on sunny days or if he choose he can sit on top of that also. This will be made out of porous shade cloth which the rain can fall through.

See Appendic B ‘Aerial Drawing of Enclosure’ – attached and Appendix C ‘Frontal Drawing of Enclosure’ - attached

  • Build a raised 1m high bamboo platform inside the ‘day rain shelter cave’ (the open door structure in the middle back of the enclosure) to bring him up off the concrete while he is resting. The cave height is approximately about 2.5mhigh so a 1m high platform would still allow him 1.5m of head space. We would also like to put some smaller branches and big leaves or straw or grasses on top of the bamboo platform and would love it if the staff could put the same in every few days so he can practice his nest building natural behaviour. We will use the wood from the existing wooden structure we dismantle for the bas of the platform and screw 10cm wide bamboo on the top.

       See Appendix D ‘ Bamboo Platform’ attached

  • Spray clean the front(around the moat), sides & back walls in preparation to paint a loose rainforest mural of – One of the people volunteering from Australia is a beautiful artist Angela Swan and she will be in charge of the painting. See Appendix E ‘ Rough Sketch of Mural Idea’ and Appendix F ‘A Recent Painting  by Angela Swan’ to show you her competency her style.

The painting wont directly enrich Jacky  but it will help make the enclosure look very special and will hopefully bring a little more respect for Jacky from the zoo visitors and highlight the magnificent male orangutan that he is. At present people throw fruit at him or near him, and laugh and scream when he eats the fruit and throws the rubbish back. We feel this is inappropriate behaviour from a zoo visitor to an animal of your zoo.

I am hoping a sign (see further down proposal) and making the whole enclosure looking very special will help reduce the lack of respect from the zoo visitor

  • Fix 2 big shallow containers to the bottom of the poles 2 and 5 (the nearest ones to the visitors) with stainless steel cable & bolts. Have one in English and one in Bahasa Indonesian saying  “JACKY’S FRUIT BOWL (JACKY ITU BUAH MANGKUK – Jika anda memiliki buah untuk member ikan Jacky, tolong dimasukkan ke dalam mangkuk ini. JANGAN melempark annya pada Jacky!)” so that the public can be encouraged to throw the fruit in container (this will be suggested on the signs as well so as to reinforce the message) this hopefully will stop fruit being thrown at him. The fruit container will have holes drilled in the bottom and be raised off the ground so it can drain freely to avoid water collecting in it.  See Appendix G ‘Jacky’s Fruit Bowls’ - attached
  • Put some big water plants ( including lilies & water grasses) around the edge of the moat(edge nearest the public (see Appendix H ‘Aerial Drawing of Enclosure Water Plants Highlighted’ – attached) so Jacky doesn’t take the pots out of the water . Aim is to create a little eco habitat in the moat that will support some small wildlife. Then introduce some fish( fish food to feed fish for first few months)to the moat for him to look at and eventually frogs will move in on their own too.
  • Plant some big ‘browse’ plants like lemongrass and alang alang around the enclosure. We will tie strong string throughout the plant and its roots then tie the string around the container, then cut the bottom of the container out and plant them deep so that when Jacky picks some of the plant leaves to chew on he will not pull the whole plant container out. They need to last long enough to establish some roots. I am currently researching plants suitable for orangutans. See placement of these plants on Appendix I ‘Aerial Drawing of Enclosure Browse Plants Highlighted’ – attached and Appendix J ‘Browse Plant List’ - attached 
  • Build a cross beam between pole 1 and 3 and hang a strong tyre to hang from and play with. See Appendix K ‘ Tyre Swing’ attached.
  • Erect a toy, nuts, bolts pvc (and other things with holes in them)toy with threaded on2  stainless steel cables between poles 3 and 4 and low to the ground for him to play with ( like an abacas). See Appendix L ‘ Stainless Steel cable Toy’ attached
  • Drill downward angled (45 degrees) holes into poles 2 and 5 at head height and leave some long sticks in some of them then put honey and peanut paste mixture down them so he has to use the sticks to get the honey encouraging natural foraging instinct & behaviours. Encourage staff to fill these holes before Jacky is released into his enclosure each day. See Appendix M ‘ Honey Holes in pole 2 and 5’ attached


  • Build a small feeding platform at top of Pole 6 where Jacky can take his fruit to eat. Made of Bamboo and metal brackets. See Appendix N ‘ Feeding Platform’ attached


  • Install 2 wooden & perspex signs (symbolising trees) one in English and one in Bahasa Indonesian . These signs will have information on about;
    • Jacky
    • Orangutans
    • Centre of Orangutan Protection Captive Orangutan Enrichment Team
    • The sponsors (both financial and in kind who have helped to fund this
    • enrichment project

               See Appendix O ‘ Signs’ attached



  • Provide Jacky with a blanket, a sheet and a towel (orangutans like to put things over their heads), some vinyl & material colourful childrens books, a hat, and other soft things he may play with but if thrown wont hurt anyone. Place in his day cave on top of his bamboo platform nest – See Appendix P  ‘Photos of Orangutans with different enrichment objects’ attached


  • Ask Bali Zoo staff (who are Jacky’s keepers) if they wish to utilise the Director of  COP - Centre of Orangutan Protection while he is at the Zoo by having some training  


  • Scatter seeds all over the grass. Seeds will be low growing ground cover ‘browse’ plants which Jacky can graze on throughout the day eg lettuce, nasturtiums, marigolds & violets. These plants are self seeding so they will just grow and die and self seed without any maintenance.  See Appendix Q ‘ Photos of low growing ground cover ‘browse’ plants attached