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Dancing Monkeys Emancipation Island

These monkeys are ‘Topeng Monyet’ (Dancing Monkeys), stolen from the forest, trained by torture & starvation, teeth ripped out with pliers without anaesthetic, suffer serious infections, made to perform humiliating & health threatening tasks for long, exhausting hours, often whilst nursing infants. In 2014 a new law will be applied in Jakarta to prohibit Topeng Monyet. This means that JAAN(Jakarta Animal Aid Network) will be able to rescue & confiscate 100’s of abused monkeys, funds will be required to quarantine & socialize these traumatised monkeys in specially built socialization cages & to purchase a safe release site to relocate these monkeys to after they have spent time being socialised with each other.

JAAN has found a 20 hectare island to buy as a forever home for these monkeys (similar to the photo below)


The monkeys need to be isolated from humans so they can have as little stress as possible and can have regular monitoring, medical care and supplemented food should they need it. They will be sterilised pre-release.

Please watch this short video  and view the photos in the photo album PHOTOS

These tortured monkeys can only be rescued, socialized & released on this island if you contribute. PLEASE be a part of their emancipation & healing, we don’t have much time so PLEASE SHARE . With Compassion & Soul is helping JAAN to raise funds please click here to donate HELP STOP THE TORTURE