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Richard Benedict Jr. is a life-long angler and art enthusiast.

He grew up on the Lake Ontario Tributaries of Western New York.

Angling Artisans Unlimited is the combination of his passions.




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Fish in Scripture

A fish is the oldest Christian symbol. The Greek word for fish, ichthus, is an acrostic for the Greek words that translate to

“Jesus Christ Son of God Savior.”

The importance of fish in the Bible is well substantiated. In the Book of Genesis, we find that fish are the first creatures to appear (1:2). They are the only species not taken into the ark, suggesting that they were self-supporting! In Leviticus we read of laws regarding which fish are kosher and which are not.

In 1 Kings, fish are associated with the wisdom of Solomon (5:13).

When Jerusalem was rebuilt by Nehemiah after the Babylonian captivity, a Fish Gate was built into its wall (Neh 3:3). Fishermen are mentioned by Jeremiah, when speaking of bringing back the Israelites from Babylon: “Look! I will send many fishermen, says the Lord, to catch them” (16:16). And a large fish prevents Jonah from going on his cruise of the Mediterranean and lands him back where he should have gone in the first place.

Jesus preached in terms of fishing, almost echoing Jeremiah when he says to Peter and the other fishermen: “From now on you will be catching men” (Lk 5:11). Two miraculous catches of fish are related in Luke 5:1-11 and John 21:1-8). All of the gospel writers attest that he fed thousands with fish and bread. He compares the kingdom of heaven to a dragnet (Mt 13:47-48). He paid taxes with a coin found in the mouth of a fish (Mt 17:27). Jesus is depicted as preaching from fishing boats and sailing in fishing boats. The crowds that followed him carried bread and fish (Mk 6:35-40). The hungry asked for fish (Lk 11:1). Jesus was given fish to eat after his resurrection in Jerusalem (Lk 24:42), and he cooked fish for his disciples on the shore of the Sea of Galilee (Jn 21:9). He traveled to and from places in the company of fishermen. And, most importantly, Jesus choose fishermen for the important job of spreading his word and building his church.

(from an article by: Elizabeth McNamer)



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