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Amy †

Amy has long pink hair and stunning sky blue eyes, she also always wears a large bell attached to a frilly collar around her neck but no one knows why. At the age of 15 Amy is a small and lithe neko that is shy with people she doesn't know but outgoing with friends. She loves to bask in the sun during the summer and dance in the rain. Cold weather is her worst enemy when there's no snow on the ground but when there is snow she loves it immensely. Amy is very fickle and has a tough time deciding on things. She loves to sing and dance but only when others aren't around. Rima is Amy's older sister and her cousin is Molly.




A tall 17 year old neko with silver green hair with ears and a tail to match. She has beautiful deep amber eyes that look as though they see through everything and everyone. Rima is quiet for the most part but very intelligent blunt when she does happen to speak. She will almost always tell the truth unless the situation calls for it otherwise. Rima prefers to stick to the facts and is very up-front about what she thinks. She is Amy's older sister and Molly is her cousin.

Kyoya- (warning)

Kyoya is a 16 year old neko with short black hair and blue eyes. He wears glasses and is the top of his class. He is very intelligent and usually keeps to himself. He is the one who knows things before everyone else.He likes to read and hang out with his best friend Sayomi Kane Takeda.



Sayomi Kane Takeda (or Kane)- (warning)

Sayomi is a 17 year old neko with short blonde hair and brown eyes. She has chocolate colored ears and tail. She loves the outdoors and is very head strong. She is best friends with Kyoya. She is the stronger of the two.



Sienna is a fifteen year old neko. She has long, almost white - but not quite - hair and soft blue eyes. She is...different than most, and is normally silent. She always speaks her mind, and to her it is almost impossible to lie, or to keep a secret. She has rapid mood swings; one minute she can be sweet, and the next she can be yelling at you and giving you her signature death glare. Her eyes can speak her emotions even without words; when she is feeling angry they are blood red. She has the power to heal minor injuries, like cuts and bruises and whatnot.


Ni is a 16 year old neko girl. She's short yet slender with silver hair that has long bangs but is short in the back, and gray eyes with a hint of green in them. Her ears and tail are a pale gray. Ni is soft and gentle and doesn't speak much. She only wears loose baggy clothes because they are easier to move around with. She's also very flexible and is good at climbing and fighting when the time comes. Though she's more of a lover than a fighter.



Ben is a sixteen year old neko. He has short gray and black hair and yellow eyes. His ears and tail are also gray and black. He is a rather shy at first but after he gets to know you, he'll be be your best friend. He enjoys climbing and hiding rather then jumping into a fight but he'll attack if he's cornered.



She is a 16 year old girl with forest green hair, ears, and tail. If you look closely in her eyes, she has a deep blue. From a distance, her eyes are a complete black, which sends most people walking away from her. She never wanted to be a neko and instead wants to be a regular girl. Because of her looks, she doesn't have too many friends. She is usually quiet and never speaks too much. If people saw her at her home. . . she doesn't seem like the same quiet and shy person everyone knows. When she's with her friends, she can be very social. She loves to sing and has a voice that is very popular around the City, but no one knows who is singing because she has a disguise whenever she does go in public and sing her heart out.



Tanwen is 16 years old, though seeming beyond them. She has somber eyes like copper. Tanwen sometimes says things completely irrelevant to what you were talking about, just ignore it. It'll make sense later. Sometimes, mostly not, she just says what she likes, in any circumstances. Her hair is a fiery shade of red, to match her spirit as well. She is like the flames, when stoked she flares up. No one quite says it aloud, but when you talk to her your mind just prickles 'Danger...' just like your mother telling you not to touch the fire. But, to be honest, you always wanted to touch the fire, to be near the beautiful flickering light.


Lenna is a somewhat short 14 year old Neko with light brown hair, tail, and ears. She has crimson colored eyes and has a splash of white on the tip of her tail. She is very shy and doesn't like to talk much, but has a kind heart.


Yuki is a 16 year old girl with bright amber eyes. She always has a smile on her face and is very curious. She is one of those girls who loves adventure, and trying new things. Often caught balancing things on her ears or dancing in the moonlight, Yuki is always bound to do something silly that sets her apart from the rest. She has straight brown hair just past her shoulders, and spotted ears as well as a spotted tail. (Is this the right picture?)


Kuroi is a feisty and mischievous young girl with short black hair, purple eyes, and black ears and tail. She's not really the fit-in type, speaking out of turn in conversations and making snide remarks more often than not. She's easy to make enemy but near impossible to befriend. (One strike)


Yumi is a 14 year old neko with blueish/silver hair and ears and a tail that are the same color as her hair. She has soft green eyes. She is very artistic and always has a pencil and a sketchpad with her. She is very nice and sometimes shy but she likes being around friends.



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