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~:To join you need:~
Name: Ex. Xander
Age: Ex. 18
Description: Include stuff like hair color, eye color, tall or short and what not.  Also make sure to include what color their ears and tails are.
Personality: Are they nice or mean? Do they like people or are they a total recluse? 
Pet(s): Does your Neko own a pet? This is optional. 
Picture: This is a pet peeve of mine, you MUST have a picture or I will NOT add you! If you need help finding a picture tell me I'll help you. Make sure your picture is one of a neko and not just a regular person. Only anime pictures please no real people :)
!-When/if you want to join make sure you have read the Rules. Trust me I'll know if you've read it.-!

1. No power-playing or impersonating. 

2. Please NO anonymous peoples.

3. Mild cussing is allowed.

4. No more than 3 characters.

5. No killing without the other players' permission

6. Be active unless your on a vacation but please tell me that your on vacation or when your going to be, thanks!

7. Powers can be okay but it depends what they are, if you want any make sure to run them through me first. 

8. No sexual comments, saying that you're kissing is fine but don't get into any fine details about the stuff beyond that. 

9. No personal info, I don't care if you give out your name but no addresses. 

10. Last but not least, Have Fun! (: 

I will NOT tolerate people joining and not role-playing!

(If you have read this and would like to join please include the word "ninja" at the end of you post)

Name's already taken-  Amy, Rima, Havoc, Kyoya, Sayomi (Kane), Sienna, Ni, Sapphire, Ben, Himika, Allison, Storm, Crystal, Tanwen, Jason, Jacob. Amber, Mia, Lenna, and Yuki.



Sorry for the long awaited update D: I've been busy with school, today's my second day, and I'm having to take two math courses at the same time : / yeah so not fun expecially since I LOATHE math the 'I hate it with a burning passion that smites all others' (This is mai saying so no stealing XO) kind of loathe XD Anyways so here I am updating and deleteing inactive peoples : O SAKURA please post your bio on the guestbook! If you don't then I can't properly add you!! Remeber to visit during the school year, if you haven't posted for at least two week then I'll delete you, if you haven't posted for two days then I'll (maybe) place a tentative warning~ Anyways yeah : D Hope you all are doing well 

: )

~Ashi (8/17/10)

Warnings: Kyoya, and Sayomi.

Deleted: Storm, Crystal, Jason, and Jacob.

Site Helper/Mod: Ben


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