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Amber Hunt

A tall nineteen year old girl with short white hair that sports purple blotches in the back. Her eyes are a stunning purple that shine pink in the sunlight. Although she's a part of the war against Nekos she really bears no quarrel with them even if her parents did die because of the feud. Amber was too young to remember much of the fighting but she's been alone for most of her life and feels somewhat obligated to fight for her parents sake. She hardly shows any emotion on the outside but she cares deeply for those around her. Since she was little she was raised in a family of spies and has been taught their trade secrets. She's a top shot and is comfortable with any gun she can get her hands on. Although rather than killing Nekos she would much rather work things out with words and diplomacy. 



She is a 18 year old girl with light blond hair and chocolate brown eyes. She is a sweet girl and can be the most random girl you could ever meet. She loves to hang out with other people daily and hates being bored. She is a human and at times she doesn't like nekos. It depends on their personality.



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