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Rules of Deletion

When you have been deleted for the first time you earn your first strike. Reason's for deletion include the following:

  •  In-activeness
  • Inability to follow all rules
If by chance someone new joins the site and they join using your picture, unintentionally, I will allow them to continue using your picture, like-wise with your name. 
I will NOT tolerate people joining and NOT rping!!
After your first strike say you get deleted again, that's strike two. If you get deleted once more that is your third strike and you will no longer be able to reclaim your neko. 

Strike One

This is only strike one, you still have two to go!  If you reclaim your neko then you can continue rping!

Alice- (Warning)

A 17 year old neko that is reckless and stupid at times. She doesn't care for humans much considering she was beaten and battered by them since a young age. She is now a promising fighter and has a very short fuse if it towards humans but she is oh so very kind with other nekos. She is very protective of her friends and is willing to fight for them in a heart beat. She is very loud and is typically looking for some judgmental humans who want to fight.



Melody- (Warning)

A short blond haired Neko that is shy to people she doesn't know but is very hyper to her friends. Shes bubbly, sarcastic, and she can be funny without trying to be. She is 14 years old and her mom was taken from her when she was a young child. To this day Melody is still trying to find her mother. 

Rain- (Warning)

A 16 year old neko. She has long, golden-blond hair tinted with ginger. Her ears and tail are the same color. Her eyes are ginger-brown. She always gives off a warm, caring, gentle aroma. She looks like she's glowing in the dark. She's a bit calm and wise, unlike her sister. She thinks first, but sometimes gets scared easily. But a lot of the time she will fight for her friends and sometimes strangers. She has something which is like a power. In her dreams, she can see the future and the past. Sometimes its good, sometimes its scary and bad. She isn't that flirty, but wouldn't mind love. Her sister is Casper.


Molly † (Haha I deleted another one of my characters XD)

Molly is a short 16 year old neko with light black hair and a black ears and tail. She is very quiet and tends to keep to herself. Although not very talk-a-tive Molly loves to be around people and hates being by herself. She enjoys going out with friends and hates people who are stuck up. Molly can be very clumsy and awkward at times but she always tries her best. Molly is Amy as well as Rima's cousin and can be found lingering around them a lot.

Alucard- (warning) 

A nice neko boy with bright blue eyes and wide smile. He cares for people he likes and does not really like to be bothered by others. Sometimes he prefers to be left alone.


Hana- (warning) 

A blonde hair neko girl with dark chocolate brown eyes. her ears are a dirty blonde color. All her clothes are dark and mostly black but she is not goth. She is pretty mysterious. She has amazing ninja/samurai skills and always carries around with her shuriken blades, or ninja stars as some call them. She is faster then most. She is very quiet and doesn't feel comfortable with many people around. If you get to know her she can be really fun and is nice to be around. She has never known love and doesn't know what it feels like. She has trouble making friends. She is 15 years old, and her 16th birthday is coming up.

Kayle- (warning)

Kayle is a neko with dark purple hair and dark eyes. She is very jumpy and gets scared easily. She has conflicting emotions. one moment she's happy, the next she's angry, then she's confused. Not even she knows why this goes on. She is very quiet and loves to read. She is also a very good writer and storyteller. Kayle is easy to make friends with as long as you look past her conflictions of emotion. She is has just turned 14 years old.

Hunter Kavon

Hunter has sift brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and a striped purple tail. He is a lot like Cheshire the cat from Alice in Wonderland. he is trickster and likes to play with peoples minds. He appears and disappears at random times and nobody knows how or why. He can stalk very well. He is very funny and even if you are a close friend, he will still trick you in ways unimaginable. He is 17 years old.


Phantom is a shy Neko boy but is one of Alucards greatest friends.I stand by his side i love to fight against problems that Alucard has.I am a sharp shooter and loves to fight with him.I am young only 10 years old neko. He has no friends other then Alucard.


Allison Nightshade- (Warning)

A girl who goes just by Nightshade. Nightshade is a hot 16 year old girl with long black hair and big blue eyes. She is wild and loves to have fun. She had black cat ears that are pierced. She is very seductive, and loves to flirt and make out with guys. She wears very short booty shorts and small tight shirts. She has a bushy black tail. She is sly and lithe. She loves to lay out in the sun in the end of spring, summer and beginning of fall. During the end of fall, the winter and the beginning of spring she is mainly in doors. She loves to climb and is pretty calm and mellow. She is a great singer and dancer and likes to show off. She has a few powers which are, somewhat levitating and she can disappear and reappear quickly.


Sorry for the long awaited update D: I've been busy with school, today's my second day, and I'm having to take two math courses at the same time : / yeah so not fun expecially since I LOATHE math the 'I hate it with a burning passion that smites all others' (This is mai saying so no stealing XO) kind of loathe XD Anyways so here I am updating and deleteing inactive peoples : O SAKURA please post your bio on the guestbook! If you don't then I can't properly add you!! Remeber to visit during the school year, if you haven't posted for at least two week then I'll delete you, if you haven't posted for two days then I'll (maybe) place a tentative warning~ Anyways yeah : D Hope you all are doing well 

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