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The Unwelcoming Desert

Most of us - no, all of us - wished we'd have never stepped foot onto that plane. If even one of us knew what would happen, we would've been sitting at the cafe, waiting for who cares how long for another flight with the same destination. Not one of us had any idea that the plane would leave us stranded in the desert. It takes skill to survive here, and as food runs out, the stakes get higher. Will we fight for our lives, or surrender to the desert and never find our way back home.

((I'm a mod and I role-play Jay~))

 The Hybrids

Once upon a time, in a desolate land far, far, away lived a lonely, young scientist. All his life he had been thought to be alone, although he was never truly alone, and never lonely. How you ask? He designed the Hybrid technology, and tested it, soon creating the first Hybrid. But years later, he was killed by people who wanted those documents for their own selfish needs, to cause mayhem and chaos around the world..

but if you think this is just a fairytale.. well, you're sadly mistaken.

 (Co-owned by meh, I role-play Cassandra)



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 (Graphic made by Togi)

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