A Neko's World

Things are not always as they seem to be.


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Welcome to A Neko's World  another one of mine (Ashi's) wacky sites where you're a neko. A Neko is part human and part cat and soooo cute! Nekos also carry with them many tendencies of a common cat such as their stealthy steps and hesitance towards strangers. When needed a Neko is able to shift into a their cat form although they don't do this often since they find their humanoid form much more comfortable. Anyways here you will role-play as a Neko. You will make friends and become enemy's with others. 

The Nekos have been living in this city for century's. It is a Neko haven where Nekos can come in peace and take a break from the real world. They have no need to live in secret and hide their ears and tail. They can be free and walk in the open. But be careful, not all Nekos are as nice as they seem, can't say I didn't warn ya.



Site Re-opened on May 16, 2010 



Sorry for the long awaited update D: I've been busy with school, today's my second day, and I'm having to take two math courses at the same time : / yeah so not fun expecially since I LOATHE math the 'I hate it with a burning passion that smites all others' (This is mai saying so no stealing XO) kind of loathe XD Anyways so here I am updating and deleteing inactive peoples : O SAKURA please post your bio on the guestbook! If you don't then I can't properly add you!! Remeber to visit during the school year, if you haven't posted for at least two week then I'll delete you, if you haven't posted for two days then I'll (maybe) place a tentative warning~ Anyways yeah : D Hope you all are doing well 

: )

~Ashi (8/17/10)

Warnings: Kyoya, and Sayomi.

Deleted: Storm, Crystal, Jason, and Jacob.

Site Helper/Mod: Ben


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