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Lorelei Mcbroom Joins Oceans 5

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The Mingulay Boatsong

When you think of Progressive music, the last thing you imagine is a 200 year old tune with traditional lyrics mixed into it. However this is what Folk Singer/Songwriter Andy John Bradford had in mind when he approached Progressive musician Colin Tench from Bunchakeze with the idea. Together they worked on the different bits. Twiddling and widdling and turning a traditional folk song into a prog classic with epic sounds and qualities that were only imagined on the first meeting of the minds.  So.. with Andy John Bradford wielding a 12 string guitar(a HUGE number of atmospheric noises) & a powerful but angelic vocal chord thingie, Colin Tench (who also did an amazing job producing it), twanging an electric guitar(& making silly noises), they produced a version unlike any version of The Mingulay boatsong heard before. They cared not if anybody actually wanted to hear such a version! However this was not enough for these two musicians. They enlisted the help of Stef Flaming ,the mastermind behind Rock band "Murkey Red" in Belgium to tighten it up, play bass( & make some deep and annoying noises), Victor Tassone in New York who plays with Prog rock band "Unified past" to nail it with his drums(& make some noises that actually hurt). Now the song grew some major legs. However.. something else was needed, so along came Marco Chiappini of"Gandalf's Project" in Rome who added loveliness with Hammonds, Moogs and pianos (& did some completely pointless noises). Now the song was bigger than a really big thing & ready for release and almost 7 months down the line here we now have a full album ready for release on Melodic Revolution Records

The edition to the lineup included World famous Singer Lorelei Mcbroom of Pink Floyd Fame and the vocalist behind the Great Gig In The Sky.  This was a big plus to the band as her voice added a perfect tone to a song which was already good, with Lorelei it was truly fantastic.  

Oceans 5 Consist of:

Andy J Bradford on Guitars and Vocals

Colin Tench on Lead Guitar

Steff Flaming on Bass Guitar

Marco Chiapini on Keyboards

Victor Tassone on Drums and Percussion and Triangle

Guests on the Album are lorelei McBroom on Vocals and Harmonies and Andres Guazzelli 

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Empty Hands
Andy John Bradford & Oceans 5 (The return to Mingulay)

The Long awaited Album "Return To Mingulay" is now out and available at Melodic Revolution Records The blend of Rock, Prog, Folk and a little country has been very well received by critics and fans alike.  If you would like a copy of this hugely entertaining album, then simply click on the link above.  

Here are just some of the reviews that we have received from music critics.

"The album is cohesive. The gentle, folky almost fragile vocals of Andy John Bradford perfectly complemented by some quite beautiful guitar playing from Colin Tench." (Full Review Here)

A stunning and wonderful listen. Is it Prog Folk or Crossover Prog? Who cares, really. It's just darn good music. I love the title track with it's spooky sea opening as well as many of the other tracks..especially Invictus and Open Hands. The vocals put me much in mind of The Strawbs, (Full Review)

"To boldly go where no man has gone before". The words cling to me throughout me listening to this album and still I think that, while not breaking new ground, manages to make a statement as bold as all that has gone before AND sounding up to date, in an audial environment steeped in tradition and yesteryears. "  (Full Review Here)

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