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Oceans 5 to release New Single

6000 Friends featuring World Famous Lorelei Mcbroom of Pink Floyd Fame!!

Lorelei Mcbroom to sing on 6000 friends

Amazing cover for 6000 Friends featuring Lorelei Mcbroom

Pink Floyd's Lorelei McBroom joins Oceans 5 as lead vocal in the powerful  new song "6000 friends"!

It was obvious to Oceans 5 very early on that 6000 friends was a great song. Andy Bradford wrote this for 2 singers. They wanted someone who could inject power, emotion and imagination. They wanted THE "Great gig in the sky" lady! They found her: *Lorelei McBroom*! Just ask David Gilmour!

Lorelei McBroom is a composer and of the world's truly great singers Lorelei has worked with the best, toured with The Rolling Stones & Rod Stewart to name but two. Thrust into the limelight by Pink Floyd when she was asked to join them on world tours. The great gig in the sky requires a great voice and great passion. Oceans 5 are honoured to present you with 6000 friends featuring Lorelei in full flight!

Lorelei is on tour with The Australian Pink Floyd soon, so they were very lucky to get her between engagements. Colin Tench and Andy Bradford will join Lorelei on Blogtalk radio at 8pm Tuesday 24th September, USA east coast time for a short interview with the great Skyler (The Commodores) Jett.

Oceans 5 now have the album "Return to Mingulay" ready. The album will be released digitally on 7th October 2013. It will be available on their record label Melodic Revolution Records (Special offer!), and on Amazon and iTunes. Visit Lorelei and learn more about this wonderful artist and what she is doing in music right now. Take a listen to the short promo here below or straight on ReverbNation.
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