The Poetry of Rory

You Get The Picture

(Synava Rochele)

“Daddy what is that?”
“it’s called jazz honey”
my daughter starts laughing
I smile, realizing that I'm so blessed to have her
..but I’m looking at her kind of  strange
because I had yet to figure out what was so funny
“what are you laughing at little girl?”
“but you can’t dance to jazz” she exclaimed
I could see in her mind she was grappling with the concept
so I proceed to show her how it was done, as it were
putting down all my best dance moves
she decided she wanted to give it whirl
joining me in my smoothandjazzy groove
amazed as her movements with the rhythm were so perfect
shaking her cute little hips
she started spinning around
then she fell down
…and began laughing all over again
like she was about to lose her grip
so much joy, so much fun
I picked her from the floor and held her in my arms
dancing with my baby girl until the afternoon’s end

(Anayah Nairobi)

‘Grandpa what is that?”
“it's called jazz honey”
my granddaughter starts laughing
…and just like her Mommy did many years ago
she started getting with the flow…and…
ahh, you get the picture….



Dedicated to the LOVES of my life. My daughter Synava and granddaughter Anayah.