The Poetry of Rory

Sounds Of Improvisation
(a sho
rt story)

He had never been one to make excuses because expending that type of energy had proven to be useless. That wouldn’t be the best way for him to spend these coming days, regardless. Just got slapped with twenty-five because the time had come to where he was forced to improvise. After being told that his skill set would no longer be needed. He got his pink slip and there he was back on the streets again. As time was passing by, he watched as slowly all of his benefits were being eaten up. He had went from having more than he could possibly need to having nowhere near enough.

Every day he was racking his brain and making sure that he went to everything they offered as displaced worker retraining. Yes, he was applying himself, still out there busting his ass. Things just weren’t happening as fast as they needed to. With this recession nobody was hiring. So he had to make some concessions. Sold all of his so called  ’valuables‘, all the way down to the bare essentials. There was food on the table and he was still able to provide the roof, but one wrong step and ‘poof’, homeless they would be. His woman says to him, “baby you got to do something”.  Profound words that were heeded.

Bills were piling up and some were going unpaid. It had gotten to the point to where he couldn’t deal with the growing dismay his woman and two young children were experiencing. So he asked of himself, he got on his knees and asked of the heavens, he asked of anybody who cared to listen, “what should I do?” After reflecting on this for a while, he determined that he have to go about getting the money he needed to provide, in way that wasn’t his style. Sometimes a man has to do anything he has to do to survive. With his livelihood backed up against the wall, this was at the forefront of his realization. Thus this one time improvisation;

he got the package
broke it down so that his money would be doubled
got gatted up just in case some fool came asking for trouble
the meet was set
showed up at the designated place at the designated hour
adrenaline getting the best of him
however, something was about to happen that he didn’t bet on
as he looked around
...ready to make the exchange
something didn’t feel right, just felt strange
they were there to take him down
shots rang out
there was no after thought
 wasn't going out like that
he had to shoot back
 knowing all he could do was flee
  determined to leave with his life
next thing he became aware of after the confusion settled
was the sound of the Judges gavel
sentencing him to serve 25 to life for manslaughter