The Poetry of Rory



Romantic Panic

surrounded and yet in seclusion
a desire for love's intrusion
the body fusion

searching for that one of a kind
the type of love made with the mind
when souls become entwined

losing themselves to become one another
will this be confined to between the covers
are they friends, strangers, or only lovers

unable to describe what they feel
faith on the surface, doubt concealed
just a casual encounter, or this time is it real?

could this mistakenly be
another round of familiar anonymity?
suddenly.. a sense of..Romantic Panic!






Often times in love and romance, people find themselves more enamored with the prospect of sharing a love or better stated, being in love that they tend not fully evaluate the person that is the object of that love. So much in love with love that they quickly surrender the keys to their hearts and then find themselves on the fast track to (perhaps) a physically fulfilling yet emotionally unsatisfying relationship. Overlooking what their intuition has conveyed to them while they fight the internal battle of wanting to finally get it right versus avoiding getting it wrong once more. It is the essence of these thoughts, along with the music,  I hope this presentation  captures.