The Poetry of Rory

content warning: the content in this presentation deals with mature subject matter and is intended for adults 18+. If you are under the age of 18 please exit this page.

Purple Shower

I put this purple pill on my tongue
It didn’t have any taste
Oh what the hell, I had time to waste
But little was I prepared for what was about to come


First everything got blurry right and I couldn’t tell if I was losing my sight or what was up. I’m like, what’s with this stuff, so glad that one will be enough. I began to dissolve within my own body much like the implosion of a tall building. Then there was this explosion, not only did it deafen my eardrums but I was actually the explosion itself. Pure energy morphing into another form of consciousness.  Whew, what a ride! I don’t ever remember anything feeling quite so orgasmic.

Then all of a sudden I became distressed. Paranoia and anxiety had taken over every atom in my being as I found myself behind the locked gates of the Antebellum slave markets. They had me in shackles, my arms stretched out and taking measurements  of my body mass. Each time I tried to resist them treating me like cattle on a farm, I could feel lashes from the proprietors whip. Didn’t want this uncooperative Negro messing with his money. But I said, fuck that, I’m not about to go work in some mother fuckers field and pick his cotton all day in the hot sun so they could just throw me some chittlin‘s after all the work is done. Yeah, I had heard those stories and I vowed that I wasn’t going to do that. Especially after I seen them whisk all of my family away like it wasn‘t nothing. Just going to have to kill me right here.

Well, they did…….lashes, deep lashes penetrating my skin, the pain so immense I could no longer bear it.  I had been whipped again and again until  my eyes were about to pop out of their sockets and then suddenly ...I'm dead!



my eyes open

I can hear music
the genius of classical
totally consumed
I travel the universe
in beautiful nothingness

C L A R I T Y ….(if but for only a moment)

nothing became something as…
I found myself lying next to the devil
disguised as Cleopatra in ancient Egypt
being enticed by the myrrh from her skin
It smells of jasmine
her evil but beautiful eyes were saying

…have me, I’m yours
so I took her
compliant to my touch
her flesh was embedded with desire
slowly my body moved inside hers

she was on fire
but It felt like body surfing on a cool ocean wave
her hands smoothed up and down my back
as I made certain my passion
these moments in time became transcendent
as her body was becoming part of mine
Love, more than making love, ETERNITY
but then making love became fucking
fucking became, bestial affirmations
these affirmations became….
until together we released our gratification

Then I hear that devilish laugh...
like she knew once again I was in her grasp.
Finally I had it all figured out. This is the same soul I had seen...
three past lives ago.

Where has all the time gone?

Did I sell my soul?

Where’s my flask?

I stand up and the walls are caving in
The stove is on fire and the pictures are falling all over the place
Am I mistaking or was that God’s face?

Hyperventilating and ready to jump through that window

Panic, panic, I must run and hide
I scream water,
  and then……

How did I get into this shower?