The Poetry of Rory

Mystery At The 39th St. Brothel
(short story with senryu’s)

His limousine parks in front of this immaculate three story brick mansion in suburbs known for its sexual commerce and sultry indulgences. It is THE place to go for a vice binge. The front door opens and a wave of cigarette smoke glides by while hearty laughter and the piano man’s melodies also grace the air. He joins in the atmosphere and is greeted with VIP welcome. Little did he know how his life would change...

it was her first night
adorned in lace and fine silks
her looks astonish

a demure virtue
with an impeccable figure
she belongs to him

her enticing smile
beckons anonymous touch
pleasure must commence


a toast with champagne
putting to rest her fears within
they both find comfort


with sheer enjoyment
playful banter and laughter
how fast time goes by

It was well worth the three times over the normal asking fee he paid for the time spent with her that evening. For once it felt good to be in the company of a woman and just be himself. Satisfaction had been found and it did not take a sex act to achieve it.

He promptly made arrangements with establishment that he would meet with her every night at the same time. Absolutely no else was to touch her, she was bought and paid for. With his clout as the one the most wealthy and respected businessman in the city, there was no way his request could be refused. 

For months their meets continued and by they had grown accustomed to each other. They had given each other pet names and claimed to have fallen in love with one another. This without once ever sharing a physical union. Never did a day go by without him seeing her. It’s now been three days since his last visit, time to get reacquainted. He arrives….

relief in her eyes
absent was his reassurance
she felt abandoned

to see her again
meant that he still has purpose
she is all he has


her tears of anguish
reveals a somber spirit
how will she tell him


moments of despair
broken hearts grieve in silence
life can be unjust


he has lost his will
what remains has no meaning
her body defiled

Investigators never could put a finger on why he took her life and then turned the gun on himself. It was widely known that he was  a major patron. Besides, who couldn’t understood why he would be there in the first place. His wife lost her battle with the debilitating effects of lung cancer and he buried her just three day ago. Still to them, for this tragedy to occur seemed somewhat odd.