The Poetry of Rory

Lonely Man

at my first glimpse of her, I thought I knew her
a smile managed to appear on my face (first in a long time)
I felt at that moment , it was now or never
so I stepped to her
hoping that she was not only willing , but ready..
to embrace the type of Love..
her eyes told me she was (desperately) seeking
without even blinking I proceeded to
let her know that the sacrifices I was prepared to make
was strictly about her happiness,
letting her know that, yes she deserved
the very best
not talking about material things
they come and go
I’m talking about living, indeed breathing her very existence
assurances, you know, love that will endure
I don’t know maybe this all sounds naïve
I’m just a strong believer in the power of love
(lost for words-trying to quiet my thoughts)
I mean, should I just snap up any fine little thang
(so easy to do)
and speak magical words  and then….
….bang, bang, bang
go through those pretentious moments, you know
the hypocritical fawning
and then when the novelty wears off, you have..
another empty experience to place on the shelf
fuck that, I will hold firmly to my hope
and wait for the dawning of the love
I know is (somewhere out there) for me
until then, I will just….I will just
stay to myself