The Poetry of Rory

Evening At Carlito’s

Spending an evening at Carlito’s would be the perfect antidote for a day that had gone completely awry

…or so I thought

It was day filled with mishaps, missteps, misjudgments
Waking up late to a blaring alarm
Still can’t believe I didn’t hear it
Had given myself only 20 minutes to get work
…and the commute alone averages 30...that’s with good flowing traffic
Couldn’t call in sick because I had an important meeting
Attendance was mandatory
So I rushed around
Turned the coffee maker on
Took a quick 5 minute shower
Shaved, brushed my teeth and put some smell good on
I noticed I was bleeding having nicked myself while shaving
Damn I hate that
Eventually it would stop, just inconvenient, you know what I mean
Got dressed
Reached for my coffee
Only to realize the coffee maker was broken
No coffee means a higher stress level
Still in motion, I grab my overcoat and rushed out the door
Figured I would get an espresso along the way
As I went to call my secretary to let her know I would be a tad late
Another revelation
My cell phone was dead
I go back to the house to get the car charger for the phone
…only…no keys, they were left in the house and…now I’m locked out
I had to revert back to my once streetwise disposition to break into the house
Ok so my past has a little smudge on it
In this instance, it serves me righteously
I break in, keys retrieved
On my way
Speeding and hoping not to get a ticket
I drive through the espresso place
Ahhhh…………that first sip of coffee
My nerves begin calming down
Everyone has been made aware of my late arrival
The meeting was rescheduled to start 30 minutes later
I arrive at the office
My Secretary patiently waiting
Hang my coat
…and guess what
No laptop
Yes, I left the damn thing at home
My Secretary thinks quickly
She has a copy of the reports I need on her computer
Quickly she prints them out for me
What would I ever do without her
Finally...I get to the meeting
Talk about boring
Between a lecture being given in monotone
A muddle of bad breath and bad perfume
Not to mention the intermittent added tinge of flatulence that floated about
This was one…cumulative…fucked up day in progress
Our team worked into the evening
8pm before we called it quits
I felt like I needed therapy
Voodoo therapy if that was available...acutally anything!
Instead it would have to be Carlito’s
An Italian Bistro just down the way from work
Famous for it’s authentic Northern Italian cuisine, fine imported Italian wines
…and live jazz performances
Personally I like the Stuffed Cannelloni with a Lambrusco
However, on this night it wasn’t about the food
It was all about Bella
Bella was the headliner on the marquee
Heard she had a great voice
So now was the perfect time for me to find out for myself
I needed someone to sing to me and soothe my spirit
Got there right as her show opened

It so warm and cozy
Candlelit ambiance, jovial spirits
I ordered myself a drink and started taking it all in
Bella was beautiful
Olive skin with curly black hair
If I’m not mistaken, I think she’s half Black and half Italian
I mean, I usually can tell the ethnicity when it comes to the light skinded Sista's
She was all spicy and curvaceous
Her voice was raspy and cat like, you know…rreow
…and she could scat too!
Reminded of the days when my Momma would listen to Betty Carter and Ella Fitzgerald on Saturday afternoon’s as she cleaned house
Oh yeah, I was listening too...back then
As Bella was singing, I was sipping my drink
We kept making eye contact
…and I’m wishing I could get next to her
Having her flesh press up against mine
I know she was vibin’ on me too, I could just feel it
This must be what they call...falling in love

…or so I thought

Bella’s show lasted about an hour, hour and a half
I admit despite my eyelids having grown heavy
I was mesmerized
Anyway,  I leave my tip and get up to leave
Taking with me, echoes of a beautiful jazz singer
That was when the waitress approached me and whispered into my ear
She told me Bella wanted me to meet with me for a private soiree
30 minutes later I arrive at the hotel room where Bella was staying
She answers the door and invites me in
We talked for awhile, feeling each other out
Expressing our mutual adoration
I mean, there was no denying the attraction
Bella finally came straight and told me that she wanted what I wanted
She says to me, “Baby I’ll give you what you want but you have to seduce me"
I had room service deliver some fruits, strawberry cheesecake, and champagne
We found some romantic music jazz that synchronized our pheromones
Smiles became laughter, laughter became kisses, kisses became desire
I fed her cheesecake as she sipped on champagne,
She fed me grapes as I ran kisses up and down the nape of her neck
Then I softly whispered my best woo into her ears
Seduction complete
Bella takes the initiative
Closing my eyes, I lean back and savor her delicate technique
Feeling as if I’m being transported to another world
I see a bright light in the distance I can only describe as heaven’s gate
As my gratification is about to explode


A sharp pain
More painful than I have ever felt
This wasn’t a climax, it was more like an extraction
Like I was having an operation or something, without the anesthesia
I feel violated
The light was now blinding me
I struggle to see
…and I can feel the presence of several bodies

Hands reaching into my mouth
Trying to pull my teeth out
I ask what is going on
A strange voice said not to be afraid
They are just doing an experiment they explained
I ask for Bella
A feminine sounding voice answers
But it was not Bella voice
This voice told me to relax and cooperate
That if I did so no harm would come to me
As my vision becomes clearer
I see what can only be described as alien beings
They had gray leather like skin with large protruding eyes
Humanoids but not human as known to those of us here on Earth
I begin feeling dizzy and light headed
Totally numb and not in control of any of my bodily functions
With the exception of the movements of my eyes
There now are more than 10 of them that surround me
Poking my body with metal devices and large needles
A voice asked if I was ready to die and be reborn
They said their mission was to make our human race better
That use of my semen would help create a supra-race of humans
I begin to panic as I cannot control my breathing
They are all starring directly into my eyes
Then a few of them lift me up and place me into this orb like machine
I feel nothing but utter horror
The last thing I remember was screaming at the top of my lungs
Everything then faded to black

No one ever believes me when I tell them of this episode
It's Ok, one day my story will be vindicated
they are coming for us...sooner than we know
I've never gone back to Carlito's
Probably never will
I just drive by and you know, somehow I manage to smile
Perhaps because I still do recommend the
Stuffed Cannelloni