The Poetry of Rory

Dancing Facade
(a short story)

It’s a rather hectic day at the office for him really, the usual conferrals with the project managers that work for him. Making sure that all of their projects are on schedule and within the budget guidelines that have been set forth. Very close it is to the end of the quarter for the software development company he works for and the fiscal reports are due by the end of the week. So he in turn is quite busy, working quite vigorously on progress reports that he will  present at the company’s upcoming quarterly shareholders meeting. If all goes well then he stands to acquire for himself a healthy pay bonus. So there is some added tension amidst the air as the pressure for peak performances stands squarely on the shoulders of all the employee’s.

Sitting back and taking a breather for a moment from the rapid pace of conference calls, responding to emails, and consistent inquires from his secretary. He feels a slight strain of tension in his shoulders and confronts the fact the he is, plain and simply, a workaholic. It’s been a year since his promotion to CEO and an equal amount of time since the break up with his fiancé. A promising future with her went down drain as the responsibilities of the new position had taken a serious toll on both his free time and his love life. The break up was inevitable because she felt isolated. Often complaining to him that he put his career before her and so over time a shared understanding just could not be reached. After that, it just became work , work, work for him with basically no social life.  

The one good thing about today however is, today is the birthday of one of the long time employees. A gentleman who has been with the company for 25 years and will be retiring at the end of the year.  Everyone pitched in to buy the decorations that adorn the office, the birthday gifts, and the buffet they will all share in during the celebration at lunch time. There is an added surprise too. Everyone thought it would be a nice surprise to have a belly dancer come in and do a special dance performance for the birthday boy who is sort of a grumpy old fart,  who stays to himself mostly and rarely speaks. So this would be a nice way to  get him to smile while also showing him that he is both well liked, respected and that his service to the company is appreciate. Also the celebration will be a great way to lighten the load, so to speak, and he was looking forward to it.

Lunch hour now and the festivities are in full throttle. They have already sang the ‘happy birthday’ song and smiles and laughter are abundant. The last of the presents are being open. Everyone is either eating or drinking something and the murmur of multiple conversations taking place all once is reaching higher and higher decibels by the second. Then suddenly, the hush of silence as the main attraction has now arrived. Casual and very business like, the belly dancer walks in, ready to put on her performance. All eyes are upon her now as her presence has captured the attention of everyone. Her glowing smile acknowledges everyone in the room. She sets boom box down and walks over to greet the birthday gentleman for whom the dance is intended. She playfully prances in front of him as a warm up tease. Then walks over to the boom box and presses the play button.

The music begins and he takes his place within the anticipatory office gathering to watch the performance. He gazes intently upon her and is taken by her exotic looks, and exquisite body tone. Her body begins to shimmy  with the mystique and romanticism that belly dance is known for. But this, this is extra special, her movements, although complex, are smooth, fluid, and invitingly sensual. Waves of divine sexuality are flowing through her entire body. He can feel her aura and begins to fidgeting in place so as not to allow his arousal to get the best of him. Suddenly, her eyes meet with his. They both empathically sense a mutual attraction as her body  movements become more intensified as her dance is now expressing pure eroticism. Totally captivated he begin to believe that she is dancing solely for him and him alone. He begins to imagine a romantic encounter with her. More and more as she loses herself in her routine, she wants him to know she can feel his desire for her and that the feeling is mutual within her. They both become lost in fantasy.

It’s the end of the day now and what a long day it was. The mess from the celebration has gradually been cleaned up and what’s left, the night janitors will clean up. Most of the employee’s have left for the day. It was both a fun and very productive day. Preparing himself to finally leave the office he gathers his most important papers of the day and puts them in his brief case to take home with him. His secretary walks in, hands him a note and bids him farewell until tomorrow. He opens the note and discovers it was left by the belly dancer. On the note she left her phone number with the message “call me anytime”.  He sits down to consider as he has not been so successful in the love and romance department.  One too many bitter breakups and the last one was the worst one yet. Still, he thinks to himself, was the connection he felt with the belly dancer real or was it just another façade.