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September 1, 2017
Speed of gravity is infinite. That is why all the gravitational wave observations by LIGO are false.

April 11th, 2015
Seems, our Milky Way too is a kind of a Cigar Galaxy.

Evening, July 9th, 2014 or 07/09/14
I very rarely broke any traffic laws, unfortunately, today, I broke one.

FRIDAY 09/13/13
One of the messy-looking experiments showing the near eye sensitivity PIN photo diode receiver.

Ionic strength test with turmeric strips -- a relook at quantum jump

Another little step towards confirmation. It gave an insight into how transparent media undergo color changes. 18 April 2013

Some tried to laugh off the experiments by their look; here's one which used a soft drink can as the enclosure. It had problems of heat instability. 29 Jan 2013

Second  experiment 
where a graphite slug was lifted slightly by increased gravity in a top cylindrical target piece (removed in the picture) of approximately 270 mg


One of the later test setups

Screenshot from another experiment showing the spike of gravity modulation in frequency analysis window

Investigating Coriolis effect


These two diffraction patterns of 630 nm red 10 mW laser through the same 1.5 mm diameter pinhole in 1.3 mm thick aluminum show the shape of the pinhole appear altered, compressed in the direction of stretch in the pattern   

Close-up of an experiment

I am a mostly self-taught researcher and inventor living in India. Since 1997, after a brief discussion with my father (who passed away in 2007), I developed interest in gravitation and gradually started working on solving the problems of explaining gravitation; for the last four years, I have been actively engaged in trying to break the theoretical riddle of matching quantum mechanics to gravitation.  On 1 September 2010 at about 4 PM , first time my experimental setup produced results which faintly indicated towards the basis of my theoretical framework on gravitation's origins. I had been working on the theory since December 2007 and took almost two years to conceive a plausible experiment well within my resources. Around 7, on September 24th morning, perhaps, a momentous addition to man's abilities to understand and work with nature was made -- for the first time, mass could shown to be modulated.   Again,  on the 24th September 2010, at 11:57  PM, dramatically clear recordings of modulation of mass were made.  On the 30th September, a reconfirmation was made with a redesigned transmitter-receiver coupling.  Indeed, it is very exciting, a major leap in the understanding of gravitation and its position in quantum mechanics;  the search for the Higgs boson on conventionally held standard model lines seems over.

Even at 0 t, there 'was' gravitation in its conventional form; it was the first fundamental force which was followed by others. It would be significant for me to remember the 1st and 2nd of February 2012. A very curious cosmic model has emerged since then. The question now is how to make it public. As an outsider to academics, I have the unique distinction of not to be taken seriously by most. However, there is to be a solution to this problem too, if I feign to have cracked the cosmic problem, isn't it? The current understanding of gravity linked to the Higgs Field is erroneous, as the current particle and cosmic models do not explain how space itself came into being and what exactly is the 'expansion' of space, leave aside the crucial question of baryon asymmetry. Higgs Boson is actually a primitive proton which cannot survive in the rarified present day Dirac Sea. Even a proton is actually a....., let me hold the answer a while!  

On March 20, 2012, experimental evidence to link quanta with baryonic asymmetry was found; both problems seem to have been solved -- a solution which could pave the way for a larger cosmic model. I, however, was wrong in many of my earlier interpretations, especially, when I thought STR had lacunae when it came to fixing the speed of light in vacuum; even in interpreting cosmic expansion I depended upon conventionally held laws which actually needed a reinterpretation. Soon, I shall present a log of my correct and incorrect interpretations done during my two-year-long present research.  It began as a very modest and rather depressed effort to conduct a naive, weak-looking experiment in July 2010; it was implausible then that such a peculiar phenomenon could emerge from ideas trying to iron out some of the incongruities in present-day physics.

On May 16, 2012, the idea that quarks are not building blocks but fragments from the proton finds greater favour, as there seems to an explanation to why quarks are 1/3 (or 2/3) of the proton. It also seems now more certain that in early universe speed of light was different (not to a clock present then, however) than what it is now, so the red shift is not actually an indicator of the age of the universe -- the universe has to be much older than what it appeared to be till now.

In spite of facing many personal, familial and social hardships, and very much mellowed, I shall continue to work on the scientific reporting of the discovery in a wider physical framework. From discussions, it has emerged that a full bodied exposition is preferable over mere reporting, because most people found apparant simplicity of my work (judged after reading this site) quite unconvincing. Meanwhile, I also sometimes distract myself by experimenting on probable applications. The quantity of static mass increase needs to be rechecked and studied in greater detail for more reliability and accuracy. However, gravitational modulation is fully confirmed and only needs more technology honing.

I had decided to file a patent first and then to report either as a book or as a short communication to a journal, before posting the details on my site. Details of the second experiment are posted now for anybody to repeat the experiment. I filed for a mandatory Indian patent on January 11, 2011, followed by a US patent application on March 11, 2011 (US 13/045,558). Strangely, the US Patent Office (USPTO) decided to refer the patent application to the license and review section (LARS) level 2 and L&R took almost full two months to clear it for publication; if they had decided to put it under secrecy, then the patent application might have remained unpublished forever.   It is important to note that new discoveries cannot be patented, only resultant technologies from proven discoveries can get patent grants. So, the present breakthrough can be considered more of a study based on established physical processes, than a radical new unproven discovery.

On the advice of a few scientist friends, I consciously did not report to any peer-reviewed journal, fearing discrimination and possible lifting, because of my non-institutional status as a researcher. I continue to work on to find technological applications in imaging , energy production, aviation and inertial mechanisms, besides exploring further theoretical and experimental research within the scope of the discovery. After suffering quite a few refusals to even entertain a reporting on the subject, a few lesser journals responded with not prohibiting a submission, but did not show any particular interest. However, after some dithering, the USPTO cleared the application for publication and examination. The application was published in the gazette of the USPTO on July 12, 2012.  Meanwhile, after examination, on July 8, 2013, the USPTO allowed the application for grant which eventually happened on August 27, 2013.


"'Goodbye,' said the fox. 'And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.' "

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