"An Act of Praise"

Let everything we do be an act of praise unto God.

Hello! As we get close to the ministry tour please make sure you student is not dropped off without a permission slip (below).

Things to bring:


pen/ paper

clothes & shoes they can get dirty or paint on

AAOP (teal) tshirts a good pair of jeans.

Apporpriate clothing - please remember dress code still applies although it is very hot we still do not do  tank tops, too short or too tight clothing.

They can bring modest swimwear - they can use tank tops over these. Sandals and or flip flops are fine but they will also need a good pair of tennis shoes!


Questions? Give us a call! Thanks :)



 Child’s Name _____________________________________D.O.B. ____/___/____ Age  ____ Sex:  M/F

                                              Last                         First                 Middle


I __________________________________the parent/Guardian of child

              First  and   Last    Name      

give permission for him/her to travel to    Nevada/ Ca   

on 07/31/2010 leaving at 9:00 AM  returning to the church on 08/08/2010     at   5:00 PM

              Date                                   Time                                                                  Date                    Approx. Time                                                                                                                                     


Emergency information:

Parents/Guardian Name _____________________________________________________________________

Parents Phone #   Home_________________ Work __________________Cell__________________________

Person to contact if parent cannot be reached _______________________________Phone_________________

Physician ___________________Phone _____________Ins Co ________________Policy # _______________


Health Information:  (Circle one, if yes explain

1.  Allergies                             yes       no        explain:___________________________________________________

2.  Drug Allergies                        yes        no        explain: __________________________________________________

2.  Physical Limitations                        yes       no            explain:___________________________________________________

3.  Taking Shots, Medication, special treatment     yes     no  explain:__________________________________________

      List Medications: _______________________________________________________________________________


      ___ Cardiac Problems        ___ Lung or Breathing Problems      ___ Diabetic      ___ Seizure History      ___ Other

      Explain _______________________________________________________________________________________

4.  Are all immunizations up to date          yes       no     explain_______________________________________

5.  Personal information for trip to go better for your child:  (Stresses out in crowds, sugar limitations, calling  

     Parents, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________


6.  All medications are to be turned over to the leader in a bag with instructions. (prescription and over the counter)



 I hereby release Church on the Rock and all of its officers from all liability during the duration of this outing, including travel to and from. 

 In case of emergency, I hereby give permission to the attending physician selected to hospitalize and secure proper treatment for ____________________. 

 It is understood that the person in charge will make a conscientious effort to locate the emergency contacts listed on this form.  I/We will fully pay for all medical expenses incurred.


Parent/Guardian_________________________________  Name  ___________________________________

    Signature                                                                    Printed   


1.  I will wear my seat belt at all times.

2.  I will obey all rules (including the event rules of where we’re attending, and the rules of the Leaders)

3.  I hereby give permission to the leader to inspect the contents of any or all of my personal belongings and to    

     withhold and/or dispose of any improper or illegal contents.

4.  I understand if I do not follow the above rules I will be sent home at the expense of my parent/guardian.


Student signature: ____________________________________ Date ___/___/____


Parent meeting this Sunday at 1pm!!! Please be there 6/13/2010

Below you will find the Travel Consent form for Districts this weekend, please print it, fill it out and bring it with you on Friday!

Please make sure your student has this form- we cannot take your student without this release! Also all meds must be in a clear ziplocked bag and turn into Chris or Rita with instructions - even over the counter meds. The only exception to this will be inhalers! Thank you!!

Parents we are gearing up for District Fine Arts April 16-18th (there is a link for more info on the calendar page).

This week you should recieve letters for our silent auction!

The calendar page should be updated shortly!!!

Time sure does fly! Our summer ministry tour was a huge success! Since then we have been busy, busy, busy!

I am looking forward to Christmas break after Sundays concerts of course! 10:30 and 6:00 PM at COTR!

The city of Palisade was very excited that we were able to participate in their Christmas festivities!

The mall was also a success, but the biggest joy was watching our youth intract with the folks last weekend!

Check out the calandar page out! Info is up regarding Fine Arts Festival.

 We will resume rehearsals beginning Jan 10, 2010 !!

This would be a great time to invite someone! So enjoy your time off, have a wonderful Christmas!

God bless!
the Barakats


JULY and AUGUST  is updated on the Calandar page!! You should have recieved a permission slip today - please turn in before we leave.

Things to bring;


Pens or pencils, paper

At least two outfits that you can get dirty in (or paint spilled on)



Comfortable Tennis shoes

Bring enough clothes for 10 days (save your best jeans for performances)
Remember it gets very hot so plan accordingly. However dress code still applies – no tank tops, no mini skirts, shorts must be at least fingertip length. 
Make sure than you can move freely in your clothes without any under garments showing.  Make sure you can pass the Hallelujah test.

You may bring a swimsuit HOWEVER please be conservative
Girls - one piece or you have to wear a shirt over it, if it is a one piece and not conservative we will require you to wear a shirt over that as well
Boys - make sure your trunks are going to stay on your body

*We reserve the right to make anyone change their clothing if we feel it is inappropriate.
If it is questionable don't bring it.

A light jacket/hoodie

Remember that all meds must be turned into Chris or Rita the only exception to this would be an inhaler.

Feel free to bring your own snack for the drive but food is included - even snacks.

*There will be opportunity to purchase souvenirs (amusement park), do some shopping, and purchase additional snacks(when we stop for gas) if you want – we will not cover these types of extras.


Did you see An Act of Praise on the news????
You can watch it here!!!


Didn't they do great!?!?! Oh and by the way sales did pick up
as so many people came out to support us after watching this
clip on the news! How cool is that?

God always provides!!!Awesome!

June, July and Aug UPDATED!

Please check the fundraiser page for fireworks schedule. The schedule has been updated and some shifts had to be tweaked just a little! Let me know if there are any conflicts. We still have shifts open and I haven't heard from some of you!

NO rehearsals June 7, 14, 21,28

There is reahearsal July 5 and every Sun in July.  Be prepared to add rehearsals to the schedule to be determined as needed! July rehearsals are mandatory for anyone going on the trip!

Trip is scheduled July 31st- Aug 9th 

God Bless America!

Please note the schedule changes for the month of MAY!

Fine Arts Nite  has been rescheduled to the 24th of May!

We do NOT have practice on MOTHERS DAY! Happy mothers day ladies!

WE DO have practice this Sunday and we do perform "Shabach" at both services!

Thanks and sorry for any inconvinience!

Fine Arts Festival

We have taken this team for the past three years to a District Fine Arts Festival, and subsequently been good enough to be invited to a National Fine Arts Festival each year. You have to make a certain score to qualify and this year not only were we invited to Nationals, we were awarded the "Award of Merit" in ASL (American Sign Language) and choir!

Oh, that means we had the highest score in each category! We are so proud of our team! We worked so hard and it paid off! In addition other catagories that were invited to Nationals are drama solo, and guitar solo! Our guitar soloist ranked in the top 3 at districts! WAY TO GO!!! Here is a little snippet of the weekend:

The trip was adventurous for sure!  First of all I should have known it was going to be crazy because the weather forecasts were horrible! I had parents calling me the morning of our trip asking if we were still going. Reports were talking about snow storms, chains being required and roads potentially being closed. We made lots of calls and said we would turn around if we had to but we were going to go for it. (If you don't compete at Districts FAF you can't get invited to Nationals.)

We had lots of people praying for our trip so we felt pretty confident, our plan was just to take our time. One of the kids could not leave until after school because of a concert. Our youth pastors wife had to work so they couldn't leave until later in the day. We arranged for them to give this student a ride and the rest of us went ahead in the morning. Things were smooth sailing at first...We stopped at a fast food place for lunch - no sign of snow. After lunch I began to feel sick. I ended up losing my lunch in the van! (I do not get car sick!) We had to pull over and I was so sick I did not want to leave that restroom!

45 minutes later Chris is freaking out because of course it is now snowing- hard! He says we need to get back on the road, and I am saying no way I can't! So he says we either need to get back on the road before the road conditions get worse, or we should turn around and go back home, or he could get me a hotel and I could rest and wait until the afternoon when the rest of our group comes through town. I chose option #3, there was no way I was getting back in that van with the way I felt!

It's a good thing I chose to stay because I didn't stop throwing up until 6:30PM! :O!!! That's when I realized that I had not heard from our youth pastor and his wife. Turns out they got stuck in a town about 40 minutes before reaching me, they closed the roads!!! Hubby and the team were stuck in scary, crazy weather! A drive that should have taken us 4 1/2 hours took them 9 1/2 hours! (Imagine me, by myself and no scrapbook supplies!:O!!)

The next morning the roads were still shut and the kids were in a panic because I wasn't there! Meanwhile I did not have my charger with me my phone was dead! I asked at the front desk if they had a charger - she had a whole box, none of which fit my phone. There was an Office Max across the street, I felt better so I decided to go buy a charger. I had to cross a major street and it was snowing, I pushed the button to cross, the light changed and something told me to wait. Thank God I did because as I'm standing there a car that was speeding sees the light and slams on his brakes! He spun in a circle right into the intersection! God always has my back!

As soon as I got back and plugged my phone in it rang, the roads had just opened back up! YAY! They were on their way to get me! The kids kept calling and the roads were still slick but not as bad as the day before! We were watching the clock and we got there just minutes before the team had to perform their sign language piece! I had just enough time to give them hugs and a very quick pep talk before they went on! They nailed it! (here is a pic of part of the team doing sign language - I can show this one because it's blurry, I don't want to show their faces online.)

Later they aced their choir number too! It was the best they had ever done! We are so proud of them! We knew we had done well enough to get an invite to Nationals and we were happy with that but we had no idea that we would be the #1 in both categories making us the "Award of Merit" winners for our district! Whoo hoo! It is nice to be validated! Nationals are in Florida this year! I see a LOT of fundraisers in our future!!!It was a crazy weekend but totally worth it!We missed the first nights services but the second night was amazing! The kids were ministered to and so were we! I didn't eat much the rest of the weekend! LOL! I sure was thankful that God kept us all safe and that He chose to validate us in such a big way!
Hopefully your weekend was not as "eventful"!
Blessings to you!


For the most part the calandar page is updated - I am still waiting for confirmation

on some dates so check back soon! Performances and fundraisers can be added

as they become available! If you would like me to notify you as information is added

to the site please email me at anactofpraise@yahoo.com 


* The students are out of school March 9-16. I would like to know who will be out of

town or have other commitments- if we have enough available students we may schedule something. 

                                      Thanks for your patience!


So did you see us in the Daily Sentinel on Sunday the 14th of December!?! Second page - Monks in Palisade! You guys are awesome!

Performance this Sunday the 21st, call time 7:30 am!  But hey - no practice that afternoon and no practice on the 28th!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

                           Don't forget  JANUARY 4TH, 1-3PM! REHEARSALS RESUME! DONT BE LATE! Hoping for new members!

P.S. Check it out! http://youth.ag.org/finearts/2009/

NOV 25

Update! If you cant make the meeting on the 28th of November we are having another meeting on Dec 5TH! Hope to see lots of new people there!

The kids did a wonderful performance on Sunday - we had many people ask when can they see it again!

They can see us on the hour from 12-5pm Dec 13th at the Palisade Christmas festivities!

November 17, 2008

Changes are coming to An Act of Praise! This week we sent out letters to the community in hopes of expanding this ministry! We are very excited and hope you are too! If you missed the parent meeting in September you can attend the meeting on November 28 at 6pm. This is an informative meeting for aynyone who might be interested in An Act of Praise and their parents/guardians. I am posting a copy of the letter we have sent out to the community below. Keep us in your prayers! Perfromance on Sunday! Call time 7:30am!

letter to community leaders

“AN   ACT  oF  PRAISE”              2008/2009 
2170 Broadway Grand Junction CO, 81507                           970-242-7625

Greetings Friends,


First of all, thank you for allowing us to take a moment of you time. We are hoping that you can pass along information about an exciting opportunity. The past three years we have directed a youth choir and drama team based out of Church on the Rock. Our vision is to have this group be a community team, which is where you come in.

     On November 28 at 6:00 pm, we will have an informative meeting for any student and their parent(s)/guardian(s) who may be interested. We are hoping to get the word out through you, who are already actively involved with the students and in the community.

     Who we are:

"An Act of Praise" is a performing arts ministry that helps students discover, develop, and utilize their God-given talents. Including, but not limited to; Drama, Music, Singing, Preaching, Flags, Human Videos and Dance.

             We want everything that we do be "An Act of Praise" unto God!

*We are comprised of students 7th grade - 12th.

**We do not hold auditions, everyone is welcome.

***Attendance at Church on the Rock is not required.


      We believe that every student has a gift or calling. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you to give you a hope and a future.”  We believe that our ministry will help our students to explore different ministry opportunities and in that find out what out where they are naturally gifted.

       The past three years we have ministered here at COTR, Mesa mall, the Fruita and Palisade Christmas festival, retirement homes, Fruita 8/9 school, District Fine arts Festivals in Longmont, and invited to two national Fine Arts Festivals in Indiana and North Carolina. Prior to being in western Colorado, we had a group in Las Vegas, Nevada for five years.  We are more than willing to go wherever we can be used, if you have some suggestions or connections please let us know.

     We are asking that you pass along the information contained in this letter to your students and encourage them to come and hear what we are about and what we do firsthand at the above mentioned meeting. The meeting will take place at Church on the Rock.  The church is located at 2170 Broadway in Grand Junction.  The phone number is 242-7625. 



Chris and Rita Barakat

Directors, “An Act of Praise”


                      We want everything that we do be "An Act of Praise" unto God!


Happy New Year!

Welcome to a new year for "An Act of Praise" there are some very exciting changes happening so hopefully you can/did attend our parent meeting on 9/7/2008 if not we need to get you some info! This year we are going with the theme "another level" - we want to encourage the team to take their discipleship efforts to "another level" ! God has great things in store for us! First practice is next week, 9/14/2008  1PM sharp!

Hope to see you there!

          Chris and Rita

Contact us at anactofpraise@yahoo.com

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