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Welcome to my very first Sylvanian Families and Calico Critter fan site.

My collection is for your viewing pleasure only and is NOT for sale.  Please dont ask.

My current collection stands at 518 Figures including doubles


Woot!   April 2008 I finally made it to the 500 figure mark!

January 13th, 2011 Tried to update About me page.. Cant. 

Buildings that still Need Photographs Nursery and Chapel

April 19th 2008 Fixed Photos in the Familys and Playsets pages, Added photo's to Playset and Building pages

February 29th 2008 Added more Photo's to Familys, Playsets and Buildings (also retook some bad photo's and fixed broken photo links)

September 11th 2007 Added more Photo's To Familys, Playsets and Buildings

April 4th 2007 Added More Photo's to All Pages,  Added Display and Storage Page

April 5th 2007 Added More Photo's To all pages, Added Blog page

This site started 4/3/2007


So much time has gone by, I haven't Updated this in forever.  I have gotten Calico Critters to add, but they are all in storage at the moment.  Hoping after the move (next few months)  I will be able to take my collection out of storage.  I did pick up the Calico Critters Persian cat family and twins,  Hoping for the Cow family and Elephants still.  I have really gotten into Doll Collecting, Hopefully will get them photographed and up on their own site after the move.  I collect Tonner Fashion dolls and American Girl dolls as well as Sylvanians.  I finally have my Celiac Disease under control and feel better than I have in Years!  Thanks to all those who asked.  As for Sylvanians/Calico Critters Feel free to email me if you have any questions, anything box related however I can not find out until after we move. 

Long Time No Update

Hey guys!  So I thought I would update this and let everyone know why it hasn't had an update in oh.. a year or so.   So about a year and a half ago I found out I was really sick.  I was moody and depressed and just really not myself.  I have Celiac disease.  Anyway at that time my husband and I were strapped for cash because I was missing so much work due to illness.  I have not given up my love for Sylvanian families and hope to one day start up again.   Though its going to cost a small fortune to get me caught back up.  So sorry if it seemed I fell off the world.  I am recovering.  Much love for you all.  Miss you guys!

P.S.  OMG I want those cows!

May 2008

My Rinkya Order and My Order from Wendys Figure shop arrived today 5/9/08

UK Oakwood Father

CC Koala Brother and Sister

JP Light masked racoon baby

JP Oakwood baby

JP pink rabbit twins

JP pink hound dog standing baby

JP teardrop bear twin set

JP Empress baby in blue

Early Years Mole baby

a whole bunch of other babys I have to Identify!  - Picutres comming soon


So in April I am expecting a box from the UK that will take to the over 500 figure mark.  Im really excited as that was my original goal. 

McWalkie Family

Pettifur Family

Peaches makes a new friend playset

Im so far behind on UK figures :x  I only need 3 familys from Japan to be up to date with the current range, will most likely get those next month and then go back to working on UK familys.  I need the Chiffon's, Pig family and the white cats from Japan.   In the UK I need the New Mice family and all the familys they released in playsets.  The Chantilly cats, New Moles, New Rabbits, Grey Squirels .... the list goes on and on.. not to mention the new cat family comming out.  Not sure how I feel about those, the fuzzyness I dont mind but the blue eyes are a little wierd.

March 2008

Comming soon in March

JP Calbee Bear twin set ( thank you wendy)

Calico Critters delux Christmas set

Calico Critters teacup play set with 2 puppy figures

Grandmother Cornertop/Hoppenset

February 16th 2008

Hello Sylvanian Collectors!  Im so sorry this websight hasnt been updated since september!  I will be redoing some of the photograph's and Editing pictures and fixing broken links in the next week or so.  I havent purchased any Sylvanian Items in a while.  Hopefully that will change soon!

So I broke down and went out 2/18/08 and purchased my first Sylvanians in like 5 months,  I got the Calico Critters penguin 3 pack, the Halloween Kitty, and the Fisher grandparents.  But omg in March im going to go broke!  I have to have all the new pony sets!  Thank you IPT for getting us the ponys.

February 29th, My birthday is tomrrow the 1st of March so today my husband took me to the store and let me purchase a bunch of Calico Critters for my birthday presant!  Heres a list of what I purchased: Willow and Carly at the Horse Show Playset, Melanie and Sparky have a play date playset, Fiona and Ivy Friends forever playset, Spotty and Stella's Swimming adventure, the Buttercup cat twins and the Hopscotch rabbit twins!  I also took all the pictures today and plan to update the sight as soon as I'm done typing!

September 11th!

Added Photographes To the Family, Playset and Building pages!

Still need to add Parent mole in Red vest to my Mole family picture,  However they are in a box somewhere due to our house being under remodeling!  Cant wait till the new bathroom is done! Yay!


Arrived in June!

My package from Hayley all the way from England!

The UK Marmalades Family of 4, the standing baby boy and standing baby girl and the Tomy Mamalade Grandmother and Grandfather

The Porridge Standing baby in Yellow, and Standing baby in Red

The Dalmation Standing baby boy and Standing baby girl

The standing baby Penguin! (so cute)

All Items arrived together June 26th

Comming in May!

CC Cream Cat Wedding set w/Car  (Arrived May 4th )

CC Stationary Set  (Arrived May 4th)

JP Milk Rabbit Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Standing baby and Twin set (arrived May 10th)

JP Little Bear Family Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Standing baby and Twin set(arrived May 10th)

JP McKavity Cat Family, Father Mother, Sister, Brother, Standing Baby and Twin set (arrived May 10th)

JP Club Exclusive Cream Cat Older sister W/Trunk (arrived mid-may)

US/UK Mole Parent in Red Vest (Arrived Mid-may)

UK Solitare Cat Wedding set MIB (arrived Mid-May)

Tanuki Brother ( arrived May 29th)

Tanuki Baby in Yellow (arrived May 26th)

Pink Cotten rabbit baby and Cream Cat Baby (arrived mid may) came with Play Nursery

Cameron McKeegan (arrived mid may)

Babblebrook Beaver twin set w/teeth

More to Come....

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