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The West Wing Stories

CJ/Toby Stories

Here you'll find the stories with CJ Cregg and Toby Ziegler.


CJ/Ron Stories

These are the stories with CJ Cregg and Ron Butterfield


Miscellaneous Stories

Here are stories that don't fit in to the above categories. Some challenge responses and stories that focus on other characters.




I need to acknowledge some very special people who have inspired, critiqued, and supported my writing. These stories would not be here if not for them. So huge amounts of love and deep thanks to:

Angie - my muse, my counselor, my secret love. And a wonderful friend.

Flamingo - the graphics goddess and CJ to my Carol.

Kate - my supplier of WW songs and huge smiles.

Claire - my sweet, sweet friend who understands all manner of fangirl love.

Delightfully Eccentricthe ideal writer who makes me want to do better.


Disclaimer: I have used quotes from The West Wing in some of these stories. Those belong to Aaron Sorkin and any of the hundred writers that replaced him. There are also lines to songs (used for titles) referenced here as well. They belong to whoever wrote them. Here's a good rule of thumb - if it looks familiar, it probably belongs to someone else. Again, this is all for fun - no profit will be made, I assure you.