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Allentown Center City Chess Club Basics

Where:      St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 417 N. 7th St., Allentown, PA 18102

When:        Saturdays from Noon to approx. 6:15 PM

What:         USCF-rated tournaments every week (see Events & Activities page for cost)

What to bring:  Sets and boards are provided (but feel free to bring yours).  Chess clock (if you have one).  Pen or pencil -- scoresheets are provided.  Proof of USCF membership.    Park in the church lot and enter through the gate. 

Center City Chess Club is an official affiliate of the US Chess Federation ( 

***  NEWS FLASH ***

5/10/18  Schedule updated -- Quads on 5/12 -- and club is closed on May 19th 

5/10/18     June 2   David Leindecker Memorial, 4-SS, G/30  1 section -- EF: $12   Prizes:  1st  $60 + chess medal.   Other medal prizes for outstanding achievement (*) in fields such as:  Ballroom Dance, Karate, Bowling, Archery, Boxing, Triathalon, Darts, Diving, Skiing, Cornhole and Fencing

(*) You do not need to demonstrate skills in these areas -- David never did!

5/10/18  Amogh Kollipara wins the 2018 Tom Volkert Memorial with 3.5 out of 4 -- he wins the trophy, the title and the $100 first prize.   Steve Atlee won the U1400 award. 

5/10/18  Peter Minear is the club champion -- he must defend his title no later than the June 2nd David Leindecker Memorial (his mandatory defense is extended due to 5/19)


2/22/18 ALLENTOWN ZERO (Erick Garcia, Eric C. Johnson, Michael Turcotte, Geoff Clark, Lee Stanley) crushes opponents at 2018 USATE -- scoring 4-2 in matches and 15.5 out of 24 game points.

1/16/18 Pre-orders are being taken for the "Club Chess in Allentown (2000-2015)" booklet, a collection of 124 games played in Allentown.   Cost $10 -- mailed copies $10 plus $2 shipping.

1/16/18  Copies of the Johnson v. Santo match booklet are still available at club for $10 -- mailed copies $10 plus $2 shipping.

1/16/18  Yes -- you can still buy the club t-shirt at and save $1 per week on your EFs!  See bottom of column.


11/27/17  Dan Reinert clinches 2017 Quad Points title with one month to spare


11/27/17  IM Thomas Bartell wins 10th David Elliott Cup on Nov. 18th with a score of 4.5 points (out of 5.0).   GM Bryan Smith and NM Peter Minear tie for 2nd place.   Top 2099-1800:  Joe Mucerino, Mauricio Camejo, Greg Nolan.   Top U1800:  Ram Singh, Dan Reilly    RESERVE CHAMPION:  Thomas Fisher   U1200: Chris Humphries 

8/22/17  Matt O'Brien wins the A-group of the 2017 Joe DeRaymond Memorial QC Event.   Other winners: Eric Mark (B-group), C-group (Chris Giannaras )   27 players competed

8/22/17  Kevin Santo wins Johnson v Santo match 7-3 (5-1 in decisive games).  Booklet available soon.

5/19/17  $100 donation received for 2017 Joe DeRaymond Memorial QC Event -- to be held in August (date announcement pending).

5/19/17  Johnson v Santo match update -- likely site is the Allentown Public Library, Thursday nights from 5:30 PM to 8 PM.   Match contracts to be signed soon.  Start date may be June 8th.   Pledge total now $370 ($400 final tally) and rising -- pledges accepted until Game One and must be paid no later than Game Two.  All persons pledging $5 or more receive a copy of the match booklet after the match.

5/2/17  Kevin Santo successfully defends his club title -- he draws his last round game with Eric C. Johnson and both players finish tied for first place (2.5 pts) at the 4/29 club event.

5/2/17  The club title goes from Eric C. Johnson to Ramon Quezada to Kevin Santo at the 4/15 club event.

3/13/17  Boris Privman wins the club title by going 4-0 at the March 4th tournament 

2/13/17   Booklet of games from the 2016 David Elliott Cup goes to the printer this week -- available at club by 2/25.  Special $5 cover price.


12/29/16   Dan Reinert is the 2016 Quad Champion -- see Dan receive his trophy at the Jan 14th event. 

12/29/16   In a wild year-end finish, the club title goes from Greg Nolan to Mark Knerr to Chuck Kent to Isara Thanakit over the last few events of the year.  Isara must defend his title no later than the Jan 21st Tornado (see Events page) 

12/29/16   GM Bryan Smith wins the 2016 David Elliott Cup held November 19th.   Ram Singh wins the Reserve section.   A record 59 players compete in the event.

9/26/16  Winners from the 2016 Joe DeRaymond QC Event:  A:  Peter Minear  B:  Ramon Quezada C:  Michael Clark

8/12/16   "What Do I Play" openings booklet now back from the printer -- get your copy at the club for $10 or mailed copy for $10 + $2. 

6/7/16  Mark Knerr wins the 2016 Tom Volkert trophy


12/28/15  Larry Noone and Rick Kuhn are the 2015 Quad Co-Champions.  They finished the year with 21.0 points.

12/28/15   Kevin Santo wins the 2015 Elliott Cup! 

9/23/15   Antonio Scalzo and Larry Noone are big winners at the 2015 Joe DeRaymond Memorial QC Event held 8/29.


6/2/15  Jim Strobel wins the 2015 Tom Volkert Memorial title and trophy 

3/27/15  15-move draw-by-agreement policy now in effect for all events -- see Schedule Page

9/10/14  Blog updated with games from the Johnson-Kleinfeld match 

11/6/12 THANK YOU Mr. Touchdown -- for visiting our club on 10/27 as part of the WIF (Wrestling Is Fun) promotion.   You are now an honorary ACCC member!

7/7/12  Want to save $1 on every club entry fee?  Buy the club t-shirt at (and wear it to club events).  Many colors available.

7/28/11 If you like to sing, then check out the new web site 









































































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